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Textile Industry & Fashion

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An Italian revival: Tribute to sportive fashion

For people who grew up in the 1980s, flashing the name of a label was a natural thing to make a fashion statement. Some labels were flashier than others though, and a few brands were a bit more subtle, or rather: Classy. Flashing labels is very much en vogue again today, but just like in the old days, so is subtle understatement. A brand that subscribes to this category is Conte of Florence. Established in 1952, the fashion brand grew popular in Italy and Europe in particular in the 1970s and 1980s and today, thanks to its new President and CEO, Carlo De Carolis, Conte of Florence outfits have been chosen by celebrities as diverse as Michel Platini or Victoria Beckham.


Hard-wearing clothes for hard-working people

High-visibility jackets for roadmen and airport staff, flameproof garments for the electricity or maintenance sector, refineries or energy providers and weather-resistant gear for all outdoor workers – Kansas has it all. Specialized in hard-wearing clothes for hard-working people, the Nordic workwear producer is committed to every professional dressed for better performance. In Germany, one of the most competitive workwear markets, the company has been pursuing this vision for almost 40 years.


Italian Luxury Fashion: Where Style is DNA

If you think about fashion, there are two countries that come to mind: France, yes, but also Italy. It seems that Italy, so full of vibrant culture, easily managed to transfer its heritage of Renaissance men and famous painters into fashion. Italian fabric has had an unsurpassed reputation for centuries. But it is the unique Italian style, the country’s fashion DNA, which has inspired companies such as Cris Conf S.p.A. to make Italian fashion a worldwide business.


A trend-setter in high fashion retail

Up until a few years ago, Bratislava had relatively little to offer fashion-conscious shoppers by way of top designer labels. However, the last few years have seen an influx of top fashion brands and a corresponding rise in the Slovakian capital’s attractiveness to tourists and residents alike. For the discerning fashionista, the only street to shop on is Laurinská Street. Positioned right at its heart is Luxury International Trader, a multi-brand fashion boutique operated by Fashionman International, S.R.O., that offers its customers the twin benefits of excellent customer service and a comprehensive range of the latest designer must-haves.


Specialty chemistry for a sustainable future

Chemical companies have special responsibility for protecting our environment, and ensuring safe production and handling. In this respect, CHT Switzerland AG is a prime example of conscientiousness. Specializing in textile dyes, the Swiss company is part of the German CHT Group which is dedicated to specialty chemistry for a sustainable future. With its innovative BEZAKTIV GO range of reactive dyes, the company has set the new standard for intense-colour, resource-saving dyes for textile production and other sophisticated applications.


Step by step in style

In the case of Polish billionaire Dariusz Milek, it is not so much clothes that make the man but shoes. The owner of leading European footwear manufacturer and retailer CCC S.A. was named the fourth-wealthiest man in Poland by Forbes Magazine in 2016, thanks primarily to the phenomenal success of his shoe company. With close to 900 stores in 16 countries, the company generated sales of 800 million EUR in 2016 from the sale of its own-branded footwear as well as fashion and sports shoes from leading international brands. In the spirit of continuous expansion, it has set its sights even higher.


The crowning glory

In the 1930s and 1940s, no one left the house without first putting on a hat. Manufacturers of homburgs, trilbies, fedoras, bowler hats and flat caps for men and an even wider range of headgear for women were kept enviably busy. Today, hats are seen as occasion-wear rather than an everyday accessory. Nevertheless, today’s well-dressed fashionista knows that a hat can do more than cover up a bad hair day. Czech millinery expert TONAK a.s. caters to a discerning clientele for whom hats will never go out of fashion.


There is still room for small independent retailers in the textile industry

There are over 50,000 companies involved in the textile and apparel industry in Italy. Over the past decade, this industry has experienced increasing competition from countries like China and Vietnam, and despite a slight decline in output, the Italian textile industry has continued to generate annual revenues of nearly 60 billion EUR. Unlike in the rest of Europe, in Italy this sector is dominated by independent retailers, such as Giesse Scampoli srl.