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European Business Industries

Interview with Marco De Sanctis, Managing Director and Co-founder of Desa Srl

How to boost digital transformation in food retailing

For many businesses, the Corona pandemic is working like a booster for digital transformation. A good example for the accelerating effect of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is provided by Desa Srl, the leading food retailer in Rome and the surrounding area. The Italian supermarket chain started a delivery service during the lockdown and is now developing its own e-commerce channel. At the same time, the family-managed enterprise is continuing its regional expansion, opening an average of three new stores every year.

Interview with Daniela Gustavsson, Head of Marketing at Jura Sweden AB

Love hygge? Try fika!

Everybody is talking about hygge these days, but only a few are familiar with fika, the Scandinavian way to take a coffee break. Surprisingly, people in the Nordic countries drink more coffee than anyone in the world, even the Italians. Good coffee and good coffee machines are of utmost importance for a relaxed fika – coffee machines from Jura Sweden AB for instance.

Interview with Andreas Both, Sales Director of Telesteps AB

Climb on, you are safe!

Climbing up a ladder, regardless if this happens daily as part of a job or rarely to pick cherries, change a light bulb, hang a decoration or fix the roof, is potentially dangerous and an easy way to injure yourself. The better to be on the safe side with ladders designed and made by Telesteps AB from Sweden. The company’s safe and sturdy ladders are often copied yet still second to none.


Streamlining office supply solutions

Huge changes are afoot at office supplies specialist Staples Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG. Its holding company, Staples Solutions in Amsterdam, recently announced the sale of the German retail stores and online business, leaving the company free to focus exclusively on the complex and demanding wholesale B2B contract market.


Only the best for cats and dogs

Good nutrition and high-quality ingredients for cat and dog food were the prerequisites for Baldassare Monge when he set up Monge & C. S.p.a. in 1963. Mr. Monge was the first to produce wet pet food in Italy and has always done things differently from most competitors in the pet food market. A move that has paid off, as today Monge is the leading name for cat and dog food in Italy, ranking among the top ten in Europe and taking 27th position worldwide. Monge produces healthy and tasty cat and dog food for the global market, serving customers in more than 90 countries.


Enjoy shopping at the airport

Recent years have seen a steep surge in traveller numbers, and statistics show this development is likely to continue. At the same time, travel retail has experienced equally strong growth as mirrored by the development of Dufrital S.p.a., a subsidiary of the leading global travel retailer, the Dufry Group. Today, travel retailing is even outperforming sales on the local high street. It seems that shopping while travelling has turned into an unmatched experience.

Interview with Ryan Pamplin, Founder and CEO of BlendJet

Easy healthy eating choices on the go

Mix your favourite smoothie or shake wherever you want. The times of preparing your smoothie at home are over. The BlendJet is a portable powerful blender that is perfect for healthy drinks and meals on the go. We talked to founder and CEO Ryan Pamplin about the product development and its key functions.


On trend in consumer electronics

In the dynamic world of consumer electronics, demand is often driven by emerging trends in other sectors. Products designed to support independent health care are a prime example, as are devices that support the smart home concept. Successful manufacturers recognize that their product range has to move with the times. Dutch company Cresta International B.V., which has been in the consumer electronics business for over 40 years, continually achieves this. Its health care and smart home devices now play a central role in its broad portfolio of small electronics.


Paper is our profession – and passion

Italy produces nine million t of paper and paperboard each year – in terms of production and technology, the industry is a leader on a global scale. The Tuscan city of Lucca plays a specific role in Italy’s paper industry. With more than 140 paper mills and tissue converters, Lucca is an officially recognized paper district in Europe and home to major companies of the booming industry. Companies such as Cartiera dell’Adda, a grey board manufacturer with an outstanding tradition and an exceptionally strong innovative drive.


Cleaning tools across borders

Supermarket and hypermarket chains, DIY stores, discounters and other large retailers are increasingly expanding across borders. This presents challenges for suppliers including own-brand (or private label) suppliers, who need to provide uniform stock for stores which may be thousands of kilometres apart. As a one-stop-shop for private label cleaning equipment, Belgian company PDC BRUSH has gained a competitive edge by rapidly adapting its business to this new trend.