Interview with Dr. Bernd Fakesch, General Manager DACH

For 130 years: gaming fun grown from experience

For more than 30 years, a mustachioed plumber in blue overalls has been jumping, running, flying and driving through virtual worlds: Super Mario. The video game character is probably the best known “face” of the Japanese company Nintendo. It is currently shaking up the market with its new console Nintendo Switch, showing once again a company that is both technically and creatively ahead of the game. In an interview with European Business, Dr. Bernd Fakesch, General Manager DACH, explains the magic behind Nintendo, what role the Shinto faith plays and why a tolerance of mistakes can be good for the working atmosphere in the company.

Interview with Olivier Bernhard, co-founder of On AG

A cloud to enhance the running sport

Runners tend to be faithful when it comes to their shoes, which is why the market is dominated by a handful of big brands. Getting runners to change their routine and try something new takes a pretty persuasive concept. That is what On believes it has in its cloud technology. The special cushioning in the sole promises a completely different running experience. Company founder and former professional triathlete Olivier Bernhard spoke to European Business about why every committed runner should give his shoes a try.

Interview with Sofie Lindahl-Jessen, Executive Vice President for Sales & Brand Management at Fritz Hansen A/S

Nordic design with staying power

Trends in interiors come and go, but classic designs, in particular in furniture, have staying power. Some styles just never go out of fashion. Nordic design, synonymous with clean lines and muted colours, is one such genre which remains in constant demand the world over. Renowned Danish manufacturer Fritz Hansen A/S, has a long tradition in producing iconic, Scandinavian-style furniture, which it regularly updates to ensure its portfolio retains a modern twist. European Business spoke with Executive Vice President for Sales & Brand Management Sofie Lindahl-Jessen.

Interview with Juuso Klemola, Commercial Manager at KILROY Finland Oy AB

Time, meaningfully spent

Travelling broadens the mind. There is nothing new about this recognition, but the question is what you make of it: Travelling the world, studying abroad and learning about other cultures might leave a meaningful impact on one’s future life. This is exactly the approach of KILROY Finland Oy AB. The company based in Helsinki is the market leader in the youth and student travelling sector in Finland and provides a huge variety of opportunities for young people to see the world and have experiences that last a lifetime – far away from mainstream tourism. European Business spoke with Commercial Manager Juuso Klemola about travelling as a unique experience.

Interview with Erik Podzuweit, Founder and CEO of Scalable Capital

Robo Advisors to replace commission-driven banking advice

In the current times of low interest rates and high bank charges, many savers are worried. What is the best way to invest my money, and where? Erik Podzuweit provides answers to these questions with his Munich- and London-based fintech company Scalable Capital. His claim? Being Europe’s best digital investment manager. With its proprietary risk management technology, the company gives retail investors access to a risk-based investment strategy for the first time. The CEO explains to European Business how Scalable Capital wants to revolutionise financial investment and, at the same time, bring an end to commission-driven financial advice.

Interview with Peter Guse, CEO of Robert Bosch Start-Up GmbH

“We don’t look for hype which is perhaps profitable in the short term”

When start-ups meet large corporates, it is reminiscent of David and Goliath. The differences could hardly be greater, yet they can be beneficial for both. How that can work is clearly demonstrated by Robert Bosch Start-Up GmbH through its platform, grow. European Business spoke with CEO Peter Guse about the role of grow within the Bosch Group, what makes German terms such as ‘Heimat’ so special, and why start-ups are more than just a nice add-on for large concerns.

Interview with Daniela Müller, Head of Online Marketing at myRobotcenter GmbH

“A robot heart beats in my chest”

Robots in the home? What sounds like science fiction for many people is actually not all too far-fetched. In the meantime, there are numerous “little helpers” that can be relied upon to take on all kinds of jobs. However, robots themselves have to fight many reservations. Daniela Müller, Head of Online Marketing at myRobotcenter GmbH in Götzis, Austria, spoke with European Business about how she overcomes these concerns and why household robots can be a blessing for the whole family.

Interview with Éva Hegedüs, CEO and Chairperson GRÁNIT Bank

The future of banking is digital

For the banking industry, the golden days of huge growth and sufficient business for all are well and truly over. Today the sector is highly competitive, and to prosper, a bank must offer its customers something very special. GRÁNIT Bank Zrt in Hungary, a relative newcomer to the market, has already achieved remarkable success as a digital bank, which has found its niche through its innovative and up-to-the-minute online product range. European Business spoke with GRÁNIT Bank’s CEO and Chairperson, Éva Hegedüs.

Interview with Damian Jaume, Managing Director Toshiba Europe GmbH

Beating its own path

When it comes to computers, sooner or later the name Toshiba will inevitably be mentioned. The Japanese company is one of the leading players in the electronics sector, and not just as a manufacturer of notebook computers and television sets. Toshiba Europe GmbH in Neuss, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation and its European headquarters, focuses its attention primarily on an area that is growing in significance across all branches of industry: “Data security is currently one of the most pressing issues of our time,” stresses Managing Director Damian Jaume. European Business spoke to him about the changes happening in the industry.

Interview with Jamel Gafsi, President of Microsoft Engineering Center Paris SASU

Preparing for the digital revolution

As the biggest software company in the world, Microsoft holds an unparalleled position in the computer industry. Having come to prominence at the dawn of the personal computing age with its ground-breaking operating system, it has since diversified its activities across a broad portfolio of business and entertainment fields, incorporating both software and hardware products. Innovation lies at the heart of its success and the belief that anything is possible for those with the vision to dream. One of its dream factories is the Microsoft Engineering Center Paris. European Business spoke to its President, Jamel Gafsi, about the company’s visions of the digital era.

Company of the month

Kleiderkreisel GmbH

Second-hand fashion is first choice

Sustainability is much more than just keeping our environment clean. Sustainability is a holistic lifestyle concept embracing values, attitude towards people and nature, and is relevant to all kinds of goods which are subject to a life cycle process. Sustainability is at the core of Kleiderkreisel GmbH based in Berlin. Its online marketplace for second-hand fashion has become a must not only for environmentally aware fashionistas, but also five million young women in Germany. CEO Justas Janauskas is convinced he can transfer this concept to new markets in the coming years.


European Business

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