Interview with Éva Hegedüs, CEO and Chairperson GRÁNIT Bank

The future of banking is digital

For the banking industry, the golden days of huge growth and sufficient business for all are well and truly over. Today the sector is highly competitive, and to prosper, a bank must offer its customers something very special. GRÁNIT Bank Zrt in Hungary, a relative newcomer to the market, has already achieved remarkable success as a digital bank, which has found its niche through its innovative and up-to-the-minute online product range. European Business spoke with GRÁNIT Bank’s CEO and Chairperson, Éva Hegedüs.

Interview with Damian Jaume, Managing Director Toshiba Europe GmbH

Beating its own path

When it comes to computers, sooner or later the name Toshiba will inevitably be mentioned. The Japanese company is one of the leading players in the electronics sector, and not just as a manufacturer of notebook computers and television sets. Toshiba Europe GmbH in Neuss, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation and its European headquarters, focuses its attention primarily on an area that is growing in significance across all branches of industry: “Data security is currently one of the most pressing issues of our time,” stresses Managing Director Damian Jaume. European Business spoke to him about the changes happening in the industry.

Interview with Jamel Gafsi, President of Microsoft Engineering Center Paris SASU

Preparing for the digital revolution

As the biggest software company in the world, Microsoft holds an unparalleled position in the computer industry. Having come to prominence at the dawn of the personal computing age with its ground-breaking operating system, it has since diversified its activities across a broad portfolio of business and entertainment fields, incorporating both software and hardware products. Innovation lies at the heart of its success and the belief that anything is possible for those with the vision to dream. One of its dream factories is the Microsoft Engineering Center Paris. European Business spoke to its President, Jamel Gafsi, about the company’s visions of the digital era.

Interview with Valentin Storz, General Manager of Stratasys GmbH, MakerBot Division EMEA

A passion for printing

3D printing is a booming business and has garnered a lot of attention in recent years. The market is expected to grow significantly as it opens many promising opportunities in various fields of application. Prototyping, product development and innovation are the three most common reasons for companies to pursue 3D printing. MakerBot EMEA, based in Rheinmünster in Baden-Württemberg, embodies highly advanced 3D printing solutions that are versatile, reliable and easy to use. General Manager Valentin Storz spoke with European Business about how the company’s 3D printing solutions close the gap between ideas and innovation.

Interview with Kate Walsh, Managing Director Northern Europe for Pandora Jewelry GmbH

Jewelry for every personality

Jewelry speaks a universal language and unites people in a common understanding across the world. It is a way of expressing personality, sometimes through a signature piece that is worn every day but more often through a collection of different items chosen to suit different outfits and occasions. Pandora is renowned for its range of jewelry that can be adapted to look different each day, with thousands of permutations to suit the tastes, personalities and purses of women around the globe. European Business spoke with Kate Walsh, Managing Director Northern Europe for Pandora Jewelry GmbH.

Interview with Nelson Holzner, CEO of AEVI International GmbH

A revolution in the payments space

German Fintech AEVI takes the next step on its way to become a global market leader in payments. Recently, the company announced the appointment of Nelson Holzner as new CEO. In an Interview with European Business he explained his future strategy and how AEVI is bound to revolutionize the whole payments ecosystem.

Interview with Sven Hock, CEO and Cofounder of Service Partner ONE

Everything an office needs

How is it possible to give all the services for an office a digital charge? Service Partner ONE has given a clear answer to this question for two years now. Using its specially developed online tools, the company based in Berlin supports processes in office management. What role Silicon Valley plays in it and what we should make of the term ‘start-up’ - CEO and Cofounder Sven Hock explained that in an interview.

Interview with Titus Dittmann, Company Pioneer and Founder of skate-aid

Who decides what is fair?

A board and four wheels – that has been Titus Dittmann’s world for the last 40 years. Nearly no other name is so closely tied to the skateboard scene in Germany. Titus Dittmann is considered both a pioneer and an entrepreneur. Since 2010, he has focused on his initiative skate-aid, founded the previous year. In an interview with European Business, he described what that means for him and what role social entrepreneurships can play in society in the future.

Interview with Dr. Daniel Stelter, Economist, Consultant, Blogger and Author

What good is export success if it does not lead to more wealth at home?

“Live without thinking about tomorrow” is perhaps the best description of attitude of the German economy, which so far has had a rather laid-back reaction to Donald Trump’s politics and Great Britain’s official application to exit the EU. “This impression is deceiving,” Economist Dr. Daniel Stelter emphasizes in an interview with Wirtschaftsforum and is at no loss for words about the populist developments in Europe just before the presidential elections in France.

Interview with David Hogg, CEO of S.A.G. Solar GmbH & Co. KG

All you need is a roof

David Hogg, CEO of S.A.G. Solar GmbH & Co. KG has spent 30 years working in the solar industry on three continents. The Australian-born engineer participated in the development of thin-film crystalline solar technology as Business Manager at the University of New South Wales between 1985 and 1995, before successfully spinning the technology off into a company, Pacific Solar Pty Limited, and raising 100 million AUD in capital investment. In 2004, he brought the business to Germany, setting up a production site near Leipzig before it was taken over by Suntech. After a period in China as COO of Suntech’s European business, he returned to Europe in 2011 and was asked to take over the reins at S.A.G. Solar by Suntech’s new owner, Shunfeng International Clean Energy Group, in 2014. European Business talked to Mr. Hogg about the future of the solar industry.

Company of the month

FH Promotions GmbH & Co. KG

The whole world inside a box

Cultural events enrich life in even the smallest community. For a larger city to be without a suitable venue for big events to take place means there is a big hole in that city’s attractiveness to its residents – and an opportunity to be taken for an entrepreneurially-minded organization. That was the thinking of the Feneberg family when they decided to fund and build a modern event venue in their home town of Kempten in the picturesque Allgäu region of Bavaria. Built for a total cost of 20 million EUR and offering 4,500 m² of space, bigBOX Allgäu opened in 2003. It is operated by FH Promotions GmbH & Co. KG.


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