Interview with David Hogg, CEO of S.A.G. Solar GmbH & Co. KG

All you need is a roof

David Hogg, CEO of S.A.G. Solar GmbH & Co. KG has spent 30 years working in the solar industry on three continents. The Australian-born engineer participated in the development of thin-film crystalline solar technology as Business Manager at the University of New South Wales between 1985 and 1995, before successfully spinning the technology off into a company, Pacific Solar Pty Limited, and raising 100 million AUD in capital investment. In 2004, he brought the business to Germany, setting up a production site near Leipzig before it was taken over by Suntech. After a period in China as COO of Suntech’s European business, he returned to Europe in 2011 and was asked to take over the reins at S.A.G. Solar by Suntech’s new owner, Shunfeng International Clean Energy Group, in 2014. European Business talked to Mr. Hogg about the future of the solar industry.

Interview with Benjamin Morel, Senior Vice President and Managing Director EMEA for the NBA

It’s a slam dunk for a global brand

Since it was founded in 1946, the National Basketball Association (NBA) has become the largest and most beloved basketball league in the world, achieved through fantastic competition on the court, combined with intelligent marketing. We spoke with Benjamin Morel, Senior Vice President and Managing Director EMEA at the NBA, about the fascination with basketball and what managers can learn from the sport.

Interview with Maximilian Tayenthal, Co-Founder and Co-Owner of N26 GmbH

True freedom of future banking

This ambitious goal was the vision of Maximilian Tayenthal and Valentin Stalf when they founded their fintech start-up under the name Number 26 in February 2013. Soon, the business run by the dynamic entrepreneurs prospered and became one of the best known fintech companies nationwide. Also, the new company made the established banks and financial institutions nervous. Now, four years later, the company has been renamed N26. It has its own banking license, has more than 300,000 customers and enables international banking in 17 countries worldwide. Nevertheless, expectations of its two company founders are still high. European Business talked to Maximilian Tayenthal about his experiences of the last years and the future plans for N26.

Interview with management thinker Professor Hermann Simon

“Without our exports, we would be a much poorer country.”

No one knows the hidden champions of this world and their success stories better than management thinker Professor Hermann Simon, who celebrated his 70th birthday in February 2017. High time, therefore, to discover something about his own success story “Made in Eifel”. In an interview with European Business, Professor Simon talks about his own, sometimes challenging, path to success. He also discusses how hidden champions can stay on top, even in times of major geopolitical upheaval.

Interview with Felix Weller, Vice President of Cadillac Europe GmbH

Objects of beauty

Cadillac is the American premium car brand. Thanks to its rich history of iconic cars, it has inspired several artists and songwriters. The famous US-band Hot Chocolate even praised ‘Heaven is in the back seat of my Cadillac’. In Europe, the brand is looking back on a changing history. Two years ago, the parent company GM decided to establish Cadillac Europe as an independent entity. A new premium brand strategy was implemented. Since then, the company has been enjoying increasing brand awareness. European Business talked to Vice President Felix Weller about the new brand strategy.

Interview with Helmut Hälker, CEO of Remei AG

Respectful organic cotton

Organic farming methods are not just confined to food production. Crops such as cotton can also be grown in accordance with organic standards, and the clothes it is used to make, produced completely without chemicals. The market for organic cotton is growing as chemicals are increasingly blamed for various health issues. Swiss company Remei AG is a leading trader of organic cotton. European Business spoke with CEO Helmut Hälker about organic trends and social responsibility.

Interview with Pascal Strauß, Head of Marketing at VitalAire GmbH

Oxygen therapy at home

Acute breathing problems are often the result of chronic diseases, with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) being the most common lung disease many patients suffer from. It takes an effective oxygen therapy to improve shortness of breath. After a long stay in hospital, patients are often eager to return to their normal environments, where their oxygen therapy is to be continued. This is where VitalAire GmbH comes in. The company is the specialist for home oxygen therapy and has taken on a vanguard position in respiratory health care in Germany.

Interview with entrepreneur and Formula 1 legend Niki Lauda

“Fast is the only speed that counts”

In Niki Lauda’s world, everything is fast. Whether in business or economic policy, the go-getting, high-profile Austrian has no time for lethargy. In discussion with European Business, the three-times Formula 1 World Champion explains the reason for this and reveals what the world can expect from his newest airline LaudaMotion.

Interview with Nicole Schumann, Country Manager Germany of the Beate Uhse AG

The heritage of Beate Uhse

One year ago, Nicola Schumann, aged 35, joined the Hamburg based Beate Uhse concern as Country Manager Germany to bring the company back on track. Over the last few years, the traditional adult and erotic concern which is one of the big names in the industry, kept losing market shares to the increasing number of e-commerce competitors. Nicola Schumann, who used to work for Google, too, is a true expert in online marketing and e-commerce. We talked to her about her motivation to join the company, the strengths of the brand and her future plans for Beate Uhse.

Interview with Bill Johnson, Florida Secretary of Commerce and President & CEO of Enterprise Florida

Good reasons to invest in Florida

“European Grand Tour” is a good way to describe what Florida’s Secretary of Commerce Bill Johnson has been up to in the past few weeks. His mission: to persuade companies in Germany and the rest of Europe to invest in Florida. He spoke to EUROPEAN business about why the Sunshine State is such a good place to invest.

Company of the month

hülsta-werke Hüls GmbH & Co. KG

Home is where hülsta is

Defining innovation. Excellent craftsmanship. Sleek durability. These are phrases that easily describe hülsta, a premium-quality furniture manufacturer based in the northern German city of Stadtlohn. Founded in 1940, hülsta turned its humble origins as a carpentry business into a modern production plant that provides its customers with attractive, creative solutions for living and sleeping. hülsta draws upon a variety of sources for inspiration to maintain the highest of standards, consistently deliver fresh ideas to its customers and uphold a reputation that is synonymous with superiority.


Italy 2017

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