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Interview with Adam Sopher, Co-Founder & Director of Joe & Seph's

Award-winning gourmet popcorn: a new dimension of taste

For many people, cinemas and popcorn belong together. But popcorn is a snack for every time of the week or day. Have you ever tasted Strawberry Cheesecake or Pina Colada popcorn? If not, it´s time to try the award-winning popcorn from Joe & Seph´s. The UK-based family business was founded by Joseph Sopher after his retirement. Soon, his wife and two sons joined the business. Co-Founder Adam Sopher explains why popcorn is not a cinema-snack only, how unusual popcorn flavours are created and how they achieved several Great Taste Awards.

Interview with Amy Jen Su, Co-founder of Paravis Partners and author

Becoming Leader A: “A big part of your job now is to cultivate others growth”

What makes a good leader? In her book “The leader you want to be – Five Essential Principles for Bringing Out Your Best Self – Every Day” author Amy Jen Su reveals two kinds of leader: Leader A and Leader B. When being Leader A your energy and enthusiasm is high, and you are making a difference with your work. Leader B on the other side is exhausted and overwhelmed, he feels like making only little impact. In our interview she explains what kind of leader Donald Trump is, what challenges leaders have to face today and how you can become Leader A for good.

Interview with Lars Reinartz, CEO of VARYCON

A revolution in video production: How a tool helps you to produce high-quality videos

Video content gains more and more importance in our lives, not only in private but also for businesses. The times of hiring an agency for video production are over. The German company Recordbay developed VARYCON, a tool that makes producing videos simple and intuitive. We talked to CEO Lars Reinartz and found out how VARYCON works, why video communication is of major importance and how TV and film production might change.

Interview with James Collier, Co-Founder and Head of Nutrition of Huel

A complete and healthy meal you can grab on the go

What do you grab on the go during lunch if you are hungry but only have little time? A sandwich and crisps from the supermarket might be the answer. British company Huel has a different approach. Huel is convenient and complete nutrition. We talked to Co-Founder and Head of Nutrition James Collier and found out how Huel can provide vitamins and nutrients the body needs, how to prepare the perfect shake and why we should think about the way we eat.

Interview with Christophe Uzureau, Analyst at Gartner Inc. and author

“We all deserve more respect to our data”

Discussions about blockchain are heating up. Blockchain is not only about crypto currencies, it can create true value for a company. In their book “The Real Business of Blockchain”, Christophe Uzureau and David Furlonger, present a clear-eyed view of this technology. In our interview with analyst and author Christophe Uzureau, he explains what components are needed for a real blockchain, how the UEFA is using it already and what the discussion of data security has to do with this topic.

Interview with Ryan Pamplin, Founder and CEO of BlendJet

Easy healthy eating choices on the go

Mix your favourite smoothie or shake wherever you want. The times of preparing your smoothie at home are over. The BlendJet is a portable powerful blender that is perfect for healthy drinks and meals on the go. We talked to founder and CEO Ryan Pamplin about the product development and its key functions.

Interview with Jiro Kambe, Owner of KALI TUNA d.o.o.

Fresh Farmed Tuna fished from the Adriatic Sea

Omega-3 fatty acids have been making headlines with their myriad benefits for the body. With growing interest in improved health and diet, so grows the demand on the world’s already overfished oceans, as oily fish in particular are an excellent source of Omega-3s. The solution: ecologically farmed fish. KALI TUNA d.o.o. takes ecological tuna farming seriously. European Business spoke with Owner Jiro Kambe to find out how the company combats overfishing and where the tuna farming industry is headed in the future.

Interview with Geraldine MacCarthy, Head of Dropbox Business in EMEA

Collaboration at its best: How Dropbox allows people to work in a much more connected way

Everyone knows Dropbox, the original cloud storage company. However, in June, the company announced a totally new concept of Dropbox that offers a workspace for any kind of content and real-time collaboration across a wealth of apps and tools for workers and teams. In our interview, Geraldine MacCarthy, Head of Dropbox Business in EMEA, reveals significant changes in company history, new functions, and explains why businesses should think about using Dropbox Business for improving the way we work.

Interview with Chris Bruntlett, Marketing & Communications Manager of the Dutch Cycling Embassy

Urban Cycling: Political will is necessary to succeed

What does the future of urban mobility look like and what about the recent e-scooter trend? Chris Bruntlett, the Dutch Cycling Embassy’s Marketing & Communications Manager talked to European Business about these questions and other aspects of urban mobility.

Product Interview

air up: Fragrant air for flavoured tap water

Water with taste, created solely through fragrance: This is what air up promises. The bottle is fitted with a pod, which sends fragrance into the throat. How exactly though, does bland tap water get to taste of lemon or apple? We asked founder Fabian Schlang.