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a personal view on business

Interview with Joanna Kirk, Co-Director of StartHer

Encouraging a more inclusive approach on technology

Support of women in start-ups and technical trades and an extended offer of equal opportunities to both sexes in the sector – that is what the France-based organization StartHer put on its agenda. Co-Director Joanna Kirk talked in an interview with European Business about the fact that men are part of the solution and the way to the future must be shared.

Interview with Wojciech Radomski, CEO and Founder of StethoMe®

StethoMe® scoping new opportunities for the stethoscope

In the two hundred years since it was invented, the stethoscope has undergone very little in the way of overhauls – until Wojciech Radomski and the other co-founders equipped it with a recording device and artificial intelligence to detect abnormal sounds in the respiratory systems of children. His start-up company, StethoMe®, has even been successful in obtaining the world’s first medical certification for AI algorithms. European Business spoke with Mr. Radomski about the future of telemedicine, how his device uses state-of-the-art technology, but still lets physicians call the shots, and how the medical community and regulatory bodies have reacted to his company’s invention.

Interview Patrick Thévoz, CEO and Founder of Flyability SA

Flyability: To go, where no man should go at all

With their ability to access confined spaces in dangerous locations, Flyability’s drones save lives. The Swiss company’s highly specialized devices are bristling with sensors and cameras. They have been flown into nuclear reactors and Alpine glaciers, but are easier to operate than most toy drones, as Co-Founder and CEO Patrick Thévoz is eager to point out. European Business spoke with Mr. Thévoz about the future of drone technology, his responses to public concerns about drone safety and potential misuse, and Flyability’s proudest achievement.

Interview with Henrik Fisker, entrepreneur, designer and visionary

An SUV is a great fit for the Fisker brand

An emotional design is the leitmotif of all the cars Henrik Fisker has designed in his long career. Originally, the first vehicle he wanted to launch with his new company Fisker Inc. was supposed to be a splashy sports car, the EMotion. However, the rapid advancements in the solid-state battery technology his company is developing have prompted him to change gear and introduce an emotionally designed SUV first. European Business spoke with Mr. Fisker about his visionary technological developments, the ways in which the hallmarks of his design will also feature in his SUV, and how he plans to make his company profitable within a year.

Interview with Lauri Jouhki, Managing Director of Metz mecatech GmbH

E-scooter: moover scoots to new heights at Metz

For a long time, Metz mecatech was known for its camera accessories. Today, however, the medium-sized company is making a name for itself with an e-scooter that aims to provide its users with clean, uncomplicated and independent mobility in metropolitan areas. European Business spoke with Managing Director Lauri Jouhki about the key developments in the company's history, the potential uses of his electric scooter, and why, despite his ambition, he does not want to replace the bicycle.

Interview with Julian Lechner, founder and CEO of Kaffeeform

Kaffeeform: Turning coffee grounds into a commodity

Coffee mugs from used coffee grounds: Behind this lies more than just a clever product idea, namely the claim to be making a valuable contribution to environmental protection by making use of a problematic waste resource. European Business spoke with Julian Lechner, founder and CEO of Kaffeeform, about his environmental ambitions, the technological challenges he faced in the development of the product and the various target groups he wants to address.

Interview with Konrad Kwiatkowski, CMO and Co-Founder of Packhelp

The fifth pillar of marketing? Packaging!

The box a product is delivered in can be one of the most effective marketing tools out there, Konrad Kwiatkowski is sure. He is one of the founders of the fast-growing Polish start-up Packhelp, which allows even small companies and brands to design their own packaging materials at low quantities and affordable rates. European Business spoke with Mr. Kwiatkowski about the latest trends in the packaging industry, the most unique designs ever commissioned by his clients, and the best experience he ever had as a consumer himself.

Interview with Monja Mühling, Co-founder of Smartlane

Optimizing logistics? The greatest inefficiency is to do things the same way as ever

Monja Mühling wants to make logistics smart: Completely automated, an algorithm calculates the best routes and generates an ideal allocation of assignments for drivers accordingly. Her company, Smartlane, wants not only to shorten its clients’ journeys, but also contribute to an improvement in service quality for end customers. Monja Mühling spoke to European Business about the biggest efficiency-killers in logistics, the role of diversity in her company, and how much the parcel service of tomorrow will have in common with that of today.

Interview with Aron Gelbard, founder and CEO of Bloom & Wild

Bouquets as a go-to gift on a mobile

Who doesn´t know this feeling of having a beautiful bouquet at home but you don´t have time to buy them as a surprise for your loved-ones or yourself? The British company Bloom & Wild has the solution. They offer a flower delivery service. We talked to founder and CEO Aron Gelbard about the meaning of flowers and how they make sure flowers are available all year.

Interview with Lukas Bosch, Co-Founder of HOLYCRAB!

Berlin Lobster: A plague turned into a delicacy

Especially when it rains, the Berliners see them occasionally wandering on the streets and through parks: the swamp crayfish. The start-up HOLYCRAB! has caught the plagues and put them in the cooking pot. The result is delicious. Juliane Bublitz and Lukas Bosch, partners and co-founders of HOLYCRAB!, talk with European Business about the sustainable use of these unpleasant fellows, a potential extension to other plagues and how the idea for the start-up came about.