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Interview with Konrad Kwiatkowski, CMO and Co-Founder of Packhelp

The fifth pillar of marketing? Packaging!

The box a product is delivered in can be one of the most effective marketing tools out there, Konrad Kwiatkowski is sure. He is one of the founders of the fast-growing Polish start-up Packhelp, which allows even small companies and brands to design their own packaging materials at low quantities and affordable rates. European Business spoke with Mr. Kwiatkowski about the latest trends in the packaging industry, the most unique designs ever commissioned by his clients, and the best experience he ever had as a consumer himself.

Interview with Monja Mühling, Co-founder of Smartlane

Optimizing logistics? The greatest inefficiency is to do things the same way as ever

Monja Mühling wants to make logistics smart: Completely automated, an algorithm calculates the best routes and generates an ideal allocation of assignments for drivers accordingly. Her company, Smartlane, wants not only to shorten its clients’ journeys, but also contribute to an improvement in service quality for end customers. Monja Mühling spoke to European Business about the biggest efficiency-killers in logistics, the role of diversity in her company, and how much the parcel service of tomorrow will have in common with that of today.

Interview with Aron Gelbard, founder and CEO of Bloom & Wild

Bouquets as a go-to gift on a mobile

Who doesn´t know this feeling of having a beautiful bouquet at home but you don´t have time to buy them as a surprise for your loved-ones or yourself? The British company Bloom & Wild has the solution. They offer a flower delivery service. We talked to founder and CEO Aron Gelbard about the meaning of flowers and how they make sure flowers are available all year.

Interview with Lukas Bosch, Co-Founder of HOLYCRAB!

Berlin Lobster: A plague turned into a delicacy

Especially when it rains, the Berliners see them occasionally wandering on the streets and through parks: the swamp crayfish. The start-up HOLYCRAB! has caught the plagues and put them in the cooking pot. The result is delicious. Juliane Bublitz and Lukas Bosch, partners and co-founders of HOLYCRAB!, talk with European Business about the sustainable use of these unpleasant fellows, a potential extension to other plagues and how the idea for the start-up came about.

Interview with Els van der Helm, Sleep expert and co-founder of Shleep

The importance of sleep: Why sleep deprivation is reaching epidemic levels

Do you sleep seven to nine hours per night, as recommended? If you sleep less than six hours per night you have a problem. Sleep deprivation is a widespread problem all over the world. European Business talked to sleep expert Els van der Helm about the importance of sleep, what employers can teach their employees and how you can be sure you get a good night’s sleep.

Interview with Alan Willett, Author, Leadership Coach and Trainer

Leading is an art of balance on a daily basis

As a leader you are faced with many challenges, especially when surrounded by different personalities. Do you know how best to manage a Diva or a Maverick? Alan Willett knows how to manage people and projects. In his book “Leading the unleadable: How to manage Cynics, Divas and other difficult people”, he gives insights and examples, and reveals a formula for modifying undesirable behaviours. We talked to him about challenging personalities, the use of feedback tools and which leaders can be seen as role models.

Interview with Ali Sapmaz, CEO of AB Etiproducts Oy

Exploring the versatility of boron

Boron is an important raw material in the glass industry, and new usages are continuously being discovered for boron products due to their unique, multi-functional and beneficial characteristics. With quality products, reliable delivery and a focus on its customers’ needs and requirements, AB Etiproducts Oy has become a preferred partner for customers in the Scandinavian and Baltic countries as well as Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova and the entire African continent. European Business talked to CEO Ali Sapmaz about current developments in the boron market and the benefits the company offers as the exclusive sales agent and distributor of Eti Maden IGM’s boron products.

Interview with Alexander Zosel, Cofounder and Chief Innovation Advisor of Volocopter GmbH

“Urban Air Mobility”: The future of mobility is in the air

Board the aircraft and leave traffic behind you: With Volocopter, that is not a problem anymore. It is designed to replace conventional taxis in the future and cover short distances in large cities autonomously. Why the multicopter has only been underway with a pilot so far, what Daimler has to do with the company and what exactly is behind the trend of urban air mobility – Alexander Zosel, Cofounder and Chief Innovation Advisor of Volocopter GmbH, reveals all that in an interview.

Interview with Leif Wartacz, Regional Sales Manager of Elfa Distrelec A/S

A company on the move

From humble beginnings as a family-owned, Swedish based company, to the successful adoption into the Datwyler portfolio, Elfa Distrelec is now one of the leading electronics suppliers in Europe. Since 2008, the company has undergone rapid growth in response to the needs of their newly merged supplier and customer networks. Their promise: to deliver a truly personalised customer experience.

Interview with John Adair, author, teacher and leadership expert

“Leadership qualities are essentially personal qualities”

John Adair is one the world´s leading authorities on leadership and leadership development. He has written more than 40 books on these topics. His latest book “Lessons in Leadership” was published in 2018. We talked to John Adair about the meaning of leadership, what qualities make a good leader and how leadership has changed in the past years and decades.