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0024_8 signs that you are a cell phone junkie

8 signs that you are a cell phone junkie

European Business Listicle 22/2018

Cell phone addiction is not a recognized illness, and yet it can be dangerous. We’ve summarized eight signs of cell phone addiction with a few tips for what you can do about it.

1.  Withdrawal Symptoms

No one really likes forgetting their phone at home. However, as soon as physical symptoms like fidgeting, breaking into a sweat, feelings of anxiety or depressive moods appear because you don’t have your smartphone within reach, you should be concerned.

2. Your body no longer cooperates

With cell phone addiction, physical symptoms will appear permanently. They often manifest themselves in trouble concentrating, forgetfulness, fatigue, learning disorders or impaired performance. One reason for this among many others is using your smartphone shortly before going to bed, which can lead to sleep disorders. 

3. The smartphone as a problem solver

People use drugs like alcohol to suppress negative feelings or avoid problems. As soon as your smartphone fulfills this function over the long term, it is a strong indication of cell phone addiction. 

4. Guilty conscience

You yourself know that you actually spend too much time on your phone and therefore have a guilty conscience. When it reaches the point that you try to hide your behaviour from others or start lying to others about it, you’ve crossed a line.

5. Neglecting important everyday responsibilities

Household chores are put aside so that you can use your smartphone longer? That might be a first sign. Once basic needs like eating or drinking are neglected, you should do something about it immediately. 

6. Little interest in other activities

Instead of meeting friends or doing other hobbies that you used to enjoy, you would rather do something on your smartphone. That is a clear warning sign.

7. Social contacts are limited to mobile communication

If you’re using your phone a lot, you’re usually communicating a lot. It becomes suspicious, however, that the communication doesn’t happen anymore in real conversations but only via your mobile device. When you’ve reached that point, it’s time to pull the ripcord.

8. Efforts to use your smartphone less fail

If you’re really addicted to your smartphone, you will find it difficult to get away from it. It is often the case that efforts to reduce your own use fail miserably because withdrawal symptoms show up that you first have to endure.

How can you overcome cell phone addiction?

• Inform someone you trust about your addiction and ask for help.

• Have days offline when you consciously turn off your mobile data.

• Do not use your phone in bed or at the dinner table.

• No joke: Set your phone to black and white. It is much less interesting without colour.

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