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5 tips for correctly handling errors

5 tips for correctly handling errors

European Business Listicle 21/2019

Mistakes are human, they happen to everyone and cannot always be avoided. To accept mistakes is not easy. Do not cover them up, be open about your mistakes. We have prepared 5 tips on the right way to handle errors.

Mistakes are human

Everybody makes mistakes every now and then, nobody does it on purpose. They are part of life and they happen. Be sure to admit to your errors. It makes no sense to seek excuses and blame others who are not at fault. Instead of worrying about the reasons for the mistake, openly admit it. An open approach is generally well received by colleagues and supervisors.


It is important that you apologize for your mistake to the people involved. An apology will earn you respect and strengthen your own position. Admit your guilt, explain the situation in which the mistake arose, and hold yourself responsible.

Learn from your mistakes

You can learn from your mistakes. Don't be too harsh on yourself and don’t lapse into self-doubt. Think about what you can learn from the situation and how to avoid it next time. Other colleagues can probably give you tips as well.

Avoid perfectionism

No one is perfect. Perfectionism takes a lot of time and energy, so don’t overdo it. Be satisfied with good performance, do not always try to be perfect. If you don’t have this expectation of yourself, you will be far more relaxed and less likely to make mistakes.

Help others

Be a role model for colleagues and help them if they make a mistake. Don’t criticize the person who has made a mistake, rather work together on solutions and encourage them.

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