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7 tips for a perfect break

7 tips for a perfect break

European Business Listicle 12/2019

The working day presents many challenges. To deal with these anew, every day, takes strength and concentration. Most of this strength is generated in your midday break, and it is therefore extremely important to integrate this break into your working day. During this time, you should particularly focus on your own needs. We have collated seven tips for a perfect break.

Set fixed break times

Either set fixed break times in your appointment calendar or agree fixed times with your colleagues for a break together. Doing nothing should be properly planned. This time is not only important for your concentration and productivity, but also for your health.

Leave your workplace

To free up your mind, you should never spend your break at your desk. Often, you adopt a poor and uncomfortable posture, which can lead to back problems. Or you stare at the screen too long, which is not good for the eyes. A walk in the fresh air ensures a relaxing break. Your body, and above all your eyes, will thank you.

Avoid work related themes

Enjoy the break by sharing information about your weekend or funny experiences and anecdotes with your colleagues. This changes your focus and allows you to switch off for a short time. Avoid work-related topics, which don’t allow you to properly switch off.

Eat healthily

Feeling hungry is not good for your concentration and performance. Prepare your lunch the evening before and take it with you; that way you avoid filling up on unhealthy food. Naturally, you can use your lunch break to buy something or to eat out. However, make sure your food is nutritious and rich in energy. That way, you return to your workplace at full strength.

Take a midday nap

A power nap can help to recharge your energy reserves. Set an alarm clock to wake you up after 20 minutes. After just 30 minutes, you enter a phase of deep sleep. You must avoid that, otherwise your nap won’t achieve anything.

Introduce short breaks

Not everyone likes to have one single break of 30 minutes every day. If you prefer shorter breaks, take five-minutes out every 60 to 90 minutes. Use this time to get some fresh air, do a few stretching exercises, or have a quick chat with colleagues.

Don’t lose your optimism

Positive thought helps our work. If we are in a good mood and feel motivated, it is easier to deal with the daily challenges. Don’t brood during your breaks. Instead, think about what you have achieved and completed. Think of the things that you can already strike from your to-do list.

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