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7 tips for more ideas, creativity and inspiration

7 tips for more ideas, creativity and inspiration

European Business Listicle 38/2018

We are constantly asked to think differently and generate new ideas. But what can we do when we are simply not inspired? Don’t worry, with a few tips you can develop your creativity and Inspiration. 

1. Change something

When you want to be creative, it is helpful if you regularly change your perspective. To achieve that, you can simply change your routine or something in your environment. Get up at a different time, or reorganize your desk in the office - you will be amazed at the result!

2. Play with colour

If you sit in front of a grey wall every day, it will probably be more difficult for you to generate ideas. Pep up your surroundings with colour! It doesn’t have to be a multi-coloured wall; vibrant pictures or plants also work wonders.

3. Create an environment with different characters

Vibrant surroundings do not only consist of colours, but people too. The more diverse these people are, and the more variety in skills and perspectives that you have around you, the easier it will be to be inspired by the ideas of others.

4. Write down your ideas

In everyday situations, many small ideas or details occur to us which we would like to give more though to. Write these down so that you don’t forget them. This way, you can come back to these ideas and, at the same time, train your eyes to look at the details in your surroundings which can inspire you.

5. Make your tasks especially easy or especially difficult

If you want to tackle a specific challenge in respect of new ideas, there are two ways. Either you ignore all the hurdles and act as though you have unlimited time or money, so that you can completely focus on the new project. Or you can deliberately limit the options, which creates completely new perspectives.

6. Take care of yourself

Creativity is not easy, it demands peak mental performance. That can only happen when you feel good. Therefore - as banal as it sounds - look after yourself. Get enough sleep, eat healthily, and take exercise, so that your body can function at an optimum level.

7. Let go

When you have really done everything you can to understand a problem or challenge, and given it a huge amount of thought, yet still no idea or solution comes to mind, then relax and do something else! It is quite common that a bright idea occurs when we are taking a shower or half asleep; this is because your sub-conscious continues to work on the project or task.  

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