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8 reasons why you should take the time to be lazy

8 reasons why you should take the time to be lazy

European Business Listicle 24/2019

Laziness as a character trait is generally looked down upon, which is why we tend to feel guilty when we take time off and use it just to be lazy. But being lazy is important. We have drawn up a list of reasons why you should take the time to put your feet up a little more often.

1. Lazy people make space in their heads for new ideas

If you take a deep breath and switch off, then you allow new ideas and creativity to flourish. If you are constantly distracted and snowed under with other things, it is a lot more difficult. It is no coincidence that the best ideas come to us in the shower, when we are forced to take a mini-break.

2. Lazy people become more efficient

It sounds strange, but it makes sense. People who are lazy don’t have less to do than before - what they have done is created more space for being lazy. Consequently, they need to work more efficiently to complete their to-do list. Lazy people often find the simplest or quickest way to get things done. At the last minute maybe, but then full on!

3. People who are lazy set priorities

If you want to make time for being lazy, then you automatically have to consider which of the things on your to-do list really must be done and which can be put off for later. Unnecessary clutter is sorted through more thoroughly. The thing that most people find difficult is automatically made easier: Setting priorities.

4. Lazy people have more energy

Constant pressure and no time off to recuperate will grind you down in the end. People who are constantly stressed find their energy levels dropping over time. People who take time off to be lazy recharge their batteries.

5. Lazy people are healthier

Stress can make us ill. People who take frequent breaks and don’t let stress take over find it easier to avoid stress-related illnesses like burnout or high blood pressure.

6. Lazy people protect themselves from exploitation

If you want to reserve your time for the things that you like to do, then don’t take on any tasks that you don’t want to do. In this way you can actively protect yourself from being exploited by others. Delegate and “no” are the magic words.

7. Lazy people are generally more relaxed

Let’s be honest: A spot of laziness every now and then is unlikely to be noticed. Anyone who has had a lazy moment will know that. Recognizing this fact takes a lot of the stress out of life because you no longer have to worry about pleasing other people or living up to their expectations.

8. Lazy people lazy make better friends

Conflict, conspiracies, mind games - lazy people can’t be bothered with any of this. It’s just too much effort and keeps them from the nice things in life. By steering clear of office politics, they improve the atmosphere at work as well as private relationships between friends and acquaintances.

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