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8 tips for more mindfulness in everyday life

Are you stressed and have the feeling you’re missing the good things in your life while stress prevails? Have you lost sight of your self-care? We have a few tips for how you can develop more mindfulness for yourself and for the moment being experienced – for less stress, more enjoyment of life and more satisfaction.

5 reasons, why you should stop trying to find your dream job

Everyone is looking for their dream job: Something that we are good at and that we will enjoy in an environment that we like...

Creating a morning routine: 11 tips for the perfect start to the day

To ensure you leave the house in the right frame of mind each morning, it can be helpful to adopt some daily rituals. Take the stress out of getting ready and decide on the right morning routine for you to kick off each day the right way. We have prepared a list of 11 tips for the perfect morning routine.

7 tips for a stress-free Christmas time

Presents to buy, goodies to bake, a visit to the Christmas market, adorning the house with festive decorations, preparing and cooking the big Christmas meal: The run-up to Christmas can be extremely stressful! If you can’t find time to simply take a deep breath and enjoy the cosiest time of the year, it’s time to change things. We’ve put together seven tips for a stress-free Christmas time.