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8 reasons to get out and vote

1. Being allowed to vote is a privilege

The right to participate is made possible due to democracy and is something that is by far not possible in every country. Therefore, with your right to vote, you have a privilege that you shouldn’t squander thoughtlessly.

2. Every vote counts

You feel like your vote can’t affect much? Often enough in the last few years, it’s been tight, be it in the formation of the government or the decision of who wins a communal election. Thus, your vote can tip the scales. Only by voting can your opinion mean something.

3. Without your vote, others get to decide

Not voting or turning in an invalid ballot has no influence on the result of an election. If you don’t vote, other people’s votes determine who will represent your country or your election district.

4. A democracy doesn’t work without its citizens’ votes

A democracy is based on the people choosing their representatives, who can then act on their behalf. A democracy can truly function only when citizens actively shape it. And only when you cast your vote can you do something about choosing a representative who will represent you and your interests well.

5. You’re not making a statement by refusing to vote

If you want to protest by not voting, it won’t amount to anything. When you don’t vote, it can mean many things. It can mean both that you don’t want to take part in the existing system and that you trust other citizens to make the right choice. No one will find out the background for your not voting, so you won’t achieve anything this way.

6. With your vote, you’re taking on responsibility

Do something so that the people are elected who represent your interests and advocate for your goals on your behalf. If you yourself don’t want to or can’t commit to certain issues, you can take on responsibility for these issues with your vote.

7. Voting is easy

The process of voting itself is not difficult, and really anyone can do it. Of course, you should be aware before the vote who you want to vote for and why. Obviously, you need to make the effort of researching the different parties, their goals and their programs. However, marking a ballot is a matter of just a few minutes.

8. Voting makes you feel good

It is indeed a special feeling when you’ve cast your vote. A mixture of excitement about how the election will turn out and satisfaction because you’ve done what you can to influence the result.

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