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A culture of delivering success

Interview with Magnus Gunnarsson, Senior Partner of Procure it Right

“We mainly consult on specific projects. With our expertise, we help our clients to keep within budget in all project-related aspects,” explains Senior Partner Magnus Gunnarsson. PIR started as the in-house consulting firm of a major investment group. In 2016, PIR become independent. “We reached a level of excellence in what we were doing and were eager to spread that knowledge outside the group,” points out Mr. Gunnarsson. This focus on excellence has propelled PIR to the leading group of procurement consultancies, in particular for the telecom and media sectors.

This success is the result of a dedicated team that consist of 17 full-time employees and a network of sub-contracted consultants. The latter get involved whenever very specific expertise is required. “We have an additional competitive edge due to our legal expertise; one third of our staff are qualified lawyers. This means there is no need for our clients to hire separate lawyers. We are able to negotiate and exclude all legal clauses that would result in extra costs,” Mr. Gunnarsson says. The remainder of the team is an equal mix of engineers and financial specialists, which enables PIR to offer its clients an all-round service. Its respect for the client’s money is another factor which helps PIR stand out from its competitors. The company’s ultimate goal is to deliver the best result for every client. “Many of our competitors do not really dig deeply enough prior to delivery. For example, during cost cutting projects we carefully analyze clients’ procurement costs and identify saving opportunities which encompass quick wins, mid-term savings, and complex, long-term savings.”

PIR serves sectors as diverse as telecoms, media, financial services, automotive and fast-moving consumer goods. A number of clients have been working with PIR for years and come back whenever a project is about to be launched. Mr. Gunnarsson is sure: “We sell primarily because we do an outstanding job and clients keep coming back to us once they know how well we deliver.”

PIR is aiming to expand its activities still further and, in this respect, is having to address one challenge in particular. “There is a lack of skilled consultants and to find the right people is a rather difficult task,” admits Mr. Gunnarsson. In order to limit the effect of this shortage, PIR has initiated an extensive in-house training program, but also heeds recommendations and cooperates with headhunters. “We have established a culture of consulting that is based on the delivery of results. That is my very personal success creed,” he concludes.


PIR Procure it Right

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