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Baufritz model homes once again distinguished with the rating ‘very good’

Top grade four times in the Musterhaus-Report (Model Home Report) 2019

As part of the Model Home Report, published annually, the 20 largest model home parks in Germany and Switzerland were put under the microscope during the period from July to September 2018. A total of 470 model homes from over 100 house suppliers were examined in the process.

Mystery shoppers posing as potential home-builders and house building experts went on a ‘shopping trip’ and audited the conditions they encountered in the model homes. Critical rating criteria here included quality of consultation, friendliness, cleanliness, need for renovations and the overall appearance of the houses.

The result is impressive: All four of the tested Baufritz model homes were able to obtain the top grade and received the rating ‘very good’ – just like in the previous year. With this average, Baufritz is among the top seven best model home suppliers and can build on the result from 2018 with a 100% success rate. The model homes that were tested and rated were NaturDesign in Cologne-Frechen, Alpenchic in Munich-Poing, Vario 2 in Stuttgart-Fellbach and Raum für gesunde Ideen (Room for healthy ideas) in Günzberg.

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Source: Bau-Fitz

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