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Global UAV leader Flyability announces partnership with Sphere Drones

Swiss headquartered, UAV company Flyability is known for its Elios drone that can safely and securely access confined, indoor and inhospitable locations and provide instant, highly-accurate imaging and field data.

The Elios is already a global solutions provider for major inspection applications across oil & gas, power generation, mining, chemcial and maritime infrastructure. With its unique abilities, it has solved two of the UAV industry‘s most critical application issues – drone collision avoidance and injury to personnel.

“The trifecta of benefits that Elios delivers – reduced downtime; lower costs and a significant reduction in risks while performing inspections – are immediately appealing to service providers and asset owners alike,” said Junio Valerio Palomba, Area Manager for Australia and New Zealand at Flyability. “We are already working with some of the largest players here in Australia, on both side of the aisle. This partnership will allow us to growth this already significant client base, as well as to go above and beyond when providing local support.”

Sphere Drones, a major UAV sales, consulting and maintenance provider in Australia, was selected by Flyability given its extensive commercial UAV experience and most importantly, its commercial knowledge of inspection applications.

“The Australian commercial UAV market has a strong requirement for drone inspection solutions - particularly in commodities,” said Paris Cockinos, Managing Director, Sphere Drones. “Australia has some of the largest mining, oil & gas and maritime operations in the world and with the Flyability Elios, we have a genuine, cost-effective solution for applications that have been historically time consuming, expensive and ‘at risk’ for personnel.”

Commercial interests that choose to engage Elios technology will also benefit from Sphere Drones’ on-ground training and support. With a rapidly expanding national base and an arrangement to provide Elios based service and training, users can be confident in both application expertise and support.

“We are delighted Flyability has chosen Sphere Drones to partner with,” continued Paris. “In addition to their confidence in our sales ability, they have recognised our skills across service and training.” Flyability is equally pleased to have engaged with Sphere Drones in the high-opportunity Australian market.

“Sphere Drones and their team have a solid track record in providing top-class service and technical assistance for drones” continued Junio Valerio. “These abilities, combined with their excellent piloting skills, make them a very good candidate to show the full potential of Elios to customers from both Australia and New Zealand, allowing them to operate it safely and professionally.”

With access to Flyability’s global knowledge and experience and an Elios offering that includes comprehensive training and service support, Sphere Drones will become Australia’s premier commercial inspection organisation.

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Source: Flyability

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