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OJ Electronics sees opportunities in new growth strategy

OJ Electronics sees opportunities in new growth strategy

OJ Electronics is about to enter a new strategy period. The objective of the strategy period is to create an effective, market-oriented approach to the development of the company's products and the development of staff competences. There will be particular focus on high innovation ability and high product quality as means of ensuring the company's continued positive growth.

The financial statements for 2011/2012 show net sales of DKK 197.3 million in total, corresponding to an increase of 2.2%. Management finds the result satisfactory when viewed in relation to the market-related challenges there have been in various parts of the world.

Increased demand for energy-efficient products

OJ Electronics has experienced growing demand for energy-efficient products capable of ensuring reduced energy consumption while fulfilling expectations of high comfort. The company therefore intends to invest considerable resources in the development of market-oriented products specially designed to increase energy savings and reduce CO2 emissions. Also within OJ Electronics, efforts are being made to promote energy-conscious behaviour. Since 2011, OJ Electronics has come a long way in reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions thanks to the unremitting endeavours of its personnel.

Knowledge and resources

As a growth company, OJ Electronics will continue to focus on attracting and retaining qualified personnel. The company therefore strives continually to further develop the competences of its personnel, and invests considerable resources in attracting new, well qualified staff.

A number of activities have dealt with increasing organisational "sharpness" so as to increase the speed and precision of internal deliveries. The company will thus be well prepared to meet the particular needs of customers. Besides this, efforts are being made to optimise employee development through greater focus on training and education activities which have strategic emphasis on long-term competence needs and career development.

Expectations for the future

OJ Electronics views the future positively and expects net sales to grow in 2012/13. Growth shall primarily be achieved through increased focus on competence growth and market growth.

The company has particularly high expectations of the ventilation sector, a business area in progressive growth.

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