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Serres becomes the sponsor of figure skater Valtter Virtanen

Serres is happy to announce a sponsorship deal with Valtter Virtanen, a Finnish physician and figure skater. The World Championships are Virtanen’s, 31, third appearance on the world stage. He is a five-time Finnish champion and has also skated in seven European Championships. Virtanen‘s top achievement from the European ice is 18th place from 2015. Serres, the progressive leader in smart fluid management solutions around suction for healthcare facilities, is a part of Serres Group.

“We knew Valtter was a great person and a great choice the minute he contacted us and we got talking about the opportunity for a sponsorship. He is a doctor with a PhD in pediatric surgery, and as such a natural fit for us to sponsor. We admire the way he combines two highly demanding disciplines: medical practice and figure skating. Valtter is a fantastic example of the power of focusing where it matters - and that fits perfectly with what we at Serres are all about”, describes Juha Silvennoinen, CEO, Serres.

Virtanen represents Jyväskylän Taitoluisteluseura for skating. He resides and trains currently in Oberstdorf, Germany, and works part of the time as a doctor in the Central Finland Central Hospital in Jyväskylä.

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Source: Serres Oy

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