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More efficiency through pillow plates


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“Our heat exchangers based on pillow plate technology are mainly competing with traditional shell and tube exchangers, but ours are 60% of the size of the traditional exchangers and perform better,” says Sebuh Kassaye, CTO at ATHCO-Engineering A/S. He adds that the compact size may mean that clients need only one instead of two heat exchangers.

“Pillow plates can be used in a lot of applications and form the core technology that we have been focusing on,” adds Willy van Well, who has a PhD in Engineering and is the Senior Process Engineer in the company. “In essence, clients come in with a specification of what they need, and we calculate, engineer and propose a custom-made solution that performs better than the technology they have in use, and that has all the relevant certification and adheres to all the relevant regulation requirements.”

ATHCO-Engineering supplies a range of products that starts with single thermo plates, through heat exchangers for the food industry to very large units for the chemical industry and power plants. In power plants, heat is recuperated from flue gas and is typically used to produce district heating. This saves energy and is better for the environment due to reduced emissions. The pillow plates are fully welded by the company’s experts. “Everyone in our company has great expertise and has invested a lot in our unique offering of tailor-made high-end heat exchangers for all sectors,” says René Hansen, CEO.

Willy van Well, Senior Process Engineer at ATHCO-Engineerig
We are known for engineering heat exchangers based on pillow plate technology. Willy van WellSenior Process Engineer

To convince prospective clients of the advantages of its technology, ATHCO-Engineering has invested in references in the Chinese chemical industry. The company is in contact with all the important players in the market. Currently, about 80% of what the company produces is exported to clients abroad, who embrace the cost-effectiveness of its solutions, for instance clients in the petrochemical industry in South America, Japan and China.

“We design our solutions from scratch and it is very motivating to see their success,” enthuses Mr. Van Well. “As pillow plate technology gradually becomes better known and more companies recognize the improvement its applications offer, we have a very interesting future ahead of us.”

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