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Economics of quality engineering


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Founded in 1942 by Peer Campen, the company was acquired by VARO, a Danish engineering group, in 2001, after a turbulent period following Mr. Campen’s death in 1988. Today, CAMPEN is fully integrated and hugely successful.

“We receive sales and engineering support and also purchase all our components from VARO,” stresses Sales Manager Peder Helbo. “We are, in essence, one company.” CAMPEN’s principle product segment is carpet backing lines, but the company also produces machinery for the non-woven and technical textile industries, as well as airlaid technology.

“Our success is based on the fact that we focus on top-quality, high-specification technical solutions,” explains Mr. Helbo. “We are not the cheapest in the market so we cannot compete on price, but with the purchase of our plant, our customers are making a long-term investment – generally up to 25 years. The superior technical level of our products is what we are renowned for.”

Innovation is core to CAMPEN’s business. Some 15 years ago, the company developed high-quality carpet winding technology with tension control and, in the 1980s, it designed a special foaming machine for latex; today CAMPEN sells 70% of the foam mixers used in the carpet industry.

The company continues to innovate, and understands the market and its customers’ needs. “We say what we do, and we do what we say, but at the same time, we are flexible in terms of meeting our customers’ exact requirements,” Mr. Helbo underlines.

The Danish company supplies clients around the world, including Western Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and India. The market however, is not always easy.

“The growth is in low-cost regions, but we are under immense price pressure from local suppliers,” says Mr. Helbo. “The challenge for us is to educate customers in those areas that it is worthwhile investing in better quality solutions with a longer lifespan. Good investments are those made with quality and the long term in mind.”

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