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When business meets IT


CEO of both Capgemini Danmark and Sogeti Danmark, Holger Bonde, is optimistic about the future. “The IT market will continue to grow and new growth areas will develop,” he says.

“These are big data, the internet of things, and technology in all kinds of things you use every day. The market keeps moving around the world to places with the lowest labour costs. At the moment, India is very strong. Here in Denmark I see our company as the business side’s best friend when implementing IT. 2014 will be more profitable than 2012 and 2013 already. After that I see real growth perspectives again.”

Capgemini Danmark offers highlevel solutions in application development, application management and software testing while Sogeti Danmark complements its activities through its specialization in software control testing services. “We are extremely strong in the testing sector,” says Mr. Bonde.

“Here, we are always ranked among the top names.” In addition to its high-level solutions, Capgemini Danmark offers a booking platform for the healthcare market, mobile solutions, IT architecture and project management.

Today, the company services the public sector including the health care market, financial and telecommunications companies as well as transport, manufacturing and retail companies. Capgemini Danmark focuses on the domestic market. The company works for some multinational players, especially from the finance and insurance sector, but only for the Danish part of the business in cooperation with Capgemini teams from other countries.

“If we talk about our value proposition we are the ones who understand how you get more clients using a particular digital platform and how to integrate that in your system,” Mr. Bonde explains the company’s unique selling point. When Mr. Bonde came on board Capgemini Danmark his challenge was to transform the company.

“At present, there are strong trends in the market,” he says. “Traditionally, IT specialists were asking for legacy IT systems which could be changed easily and which were low in maintenance. Today, more and more of our business comes from sales or marketing managers who want to use a particular software platform to improve their side of the business.

We can help them in setting that up and excel in integrating those systems into the existing IT architecture – which means that the traditional IT specialists are satisfied, too. We are developing from an IT house into an integrated legacy systems house.”

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