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Leading the way in fire protection


Danfoss Semco was established in 2006 by a joint venture between Danfoss and Semco, the Danish specialist in fixed fire protection for ships which has been operating in this market for more than 50 years.

“The expertise of Semco in the marine market and the excellent connections of Danfoss in the land market made the joint venture a win-win situation for both parties involved,” says Managing Director Tom Bjerg Lauritzen.

Today, the company is part of the family-owned Danfoss Group with a staff of 24,000 worldwide. “Specialized in fixed fire protection systems, we have two target markets, marine and land,” explains Mr. Lauritzen. “We are well established in the marine market, our traditional market, with a track record of ships protected by our systems, from service vessels and container ships though to tankers, hospital ships or cruise liners and the offshore sector. We are a leading brand in fire fighting technologies such as CO2 for cargo holds and engine rooms, and we are especially well-known for our safe and cost-effective water mist system. In contrast with conventional sprinkler systems, water mist requires considerably less water, smaller water tanks and pipes and keeps water damage at a minimum. We have more than 25 years of experience in water mist technology and we are continually improving the system.”

Danfoss Semco is successful in the land market, too, protecting public buildings, hospitals, universities, hotels, shopping centres and more.

“For example, we protected the famous television tower in Berlin and its rotating restaurant on the top floor” states Mr. Lauritzen. “We placed our pumps in the basement and pump water 360 m up to the restaurant. Something that would be impossible with a traditional sprinkler system.”

The Danish specialist generates 95% of its turnover in foreign markets. “We have a production site in China active for the land market and for marketing the products directly in China,” concludes Mr. Lauritzen. “Our worldwide sales are organized in Denmark, mainly to Europe and the Middle East. We see enormous potential in the land market, especially for our water mist systems. While the technology is standard in the marine market, we are pioneers in the land market. We are world leaders for high pressure water mist systems for the hospital segment with two of the largest installations in the world in Holland and Denmark. Our customers are builders and architects, who appreciate the cost and environmental benefits of our water mist systems.”

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