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“Our core business is to advise our clients in the optimization of their workspaces and providing the necessary hardware to do so,” says Michel Rammeloo, General Manager, Founder and Owner of Discorp.

To achieve this, the company provides three product groups: First is the advice Discorp offers to its customers about anything related to an optimal ergonomic workspace such as chairs, which can also be supplied if required. Secondly, the company provides a large variety – 350,000 articles in total – of commodity products including all the PC peripherals from keyboards to screens to headsets.

The third product group is unified communication and video conference solutions, which comprises of end point devices offering ideal solutions specifically for smaller conference rooms. For all its products, Discorp offers a catalogue and is able to provide customized solutions ideally tailored to each customer’s needs. “We distribute different premium brands,” emphasizes Mr. Rammeloo. “For key products, we have at least two premium brands in the catalogue.”

It is this tailormade service that has been winning clients over, generating consistent growth of around 30% annually for the past years. “Our forte is that we take care of everything for our clients. They have at least 1,000 employees and computers, and they need something every day,” Mr. Rammeloo explains.

Michel Rammeloo
We have the right products, the right quality at the right price, and we take care of everything. Michel RammelooGeneral Manager, Founder and Owner

Discorp’s clients are large companies from the banking & finance and insurance sector as well as industrial businesses and, in Belgium itself, national government agencies. “Clients can place their orders through an automated purchasing system. We deliver the products and even take care of booking the invoice in their system.”

Initially only limited to Belgium, for about four years, Discorp has also begun to offer its services to clients in countries across Europe. “Our current export rate is about 35% and might be to any country in Europe,” Mr. Rammeloo states. “We have several major clients that are active across Europe. we supply everything from Belgium, without any extra transport costs for our clients.” For the near future, Discorp plans to increase its export activities to about 65%.