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Crossing Denmark and Germany


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In business for well over 35 years now, FairTrans has a 12,500 m² warehouse plus additional office space for its 40 employees. Including drivers, the company has a staff of over 100 and a fleet of 66 own trucks.

FairTrans’s core business is in partial loads and the transport of collective consignments. “We are responsible for end distribution for German customers to the north and Danish customers to the south,” Managing Director and Shareholder Hans F. David explains. “The goods come to our warehouse, where they are repackaged and labelled, then delivered. We also take care of invoicing. Customers on both sides of the border enjoy our comprehensive service.”

The primary takers of the offer are in the technical industry, the chemicals sector and the non-perishable foods market. “We transport everything from sewing machines to cat food,” Mr. David says.

For marketing purposes, FairTrans has the best billboards available. “Our biggest advertising space is our trailers,” remarks Mr. David. “We redesigned our logo a few years ago, and it was very well received. We were also the main sponsor of the opening run with 10.000 runners for a new highway that was inaugurated this year between Kliplev and Sönderborg. FairTrans benefits from it immensely because it is so close to our premises.”

Mr. David sees the future of FairTrans directly connected to the future of the German market. “The German locomotive has to keep on chugging and pulling us along,” he comments. “Because of the size of Denmark, imports will always be important to us. We need the German market.”

FairTrans itself aims to expand its current transports by new cooperation partners in Germany, as well as in Scandinavia. “Entry into a Europe-wide cooperation network is also of interest to us,” Mr. David points out. “We are going to keep our eyes open for that.”