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Innovative and successful


Innoterm is a major Danish supplier of industrial refrigeration units and heat pumps. The company was established under the name of Industri Montage Vest in 2003.

“Our original focus was on industrial refrigeration contracting: sales, installation and after-sales service,” explains Managing Director Palle Lemminger, who is also the company’s owner. “At that time, the industrial refrigeration market in Denmark was very concentrated, with only one other large supplier.”

Today, Innoterm has a growing focus on industrial heat pumps as well as hybrid heat pumps, which use a combination of ammonia and water as a refrigerant. Based in Kolding in southern Denmark, Innoterm has branch offices in Jutland and Zealand.

The company specializes in contracting. “We buy the components from quality suppliers all over Europe, assemble made-to-measure solutions and also do the servicing and maintenance,” states Mr. Lemminger.

The heat pumps delivered by Innoterm are mainly for district heating applications. “At the moment, we are developing a heat pump with an outlet temperature of 110 °C, which can replace hot water low pressure boilers,” Mr. Lemminger describes the latest product innovation.

Innoterm sets itself apart through its outstanding responsiveness to individual customer needs. “We are a relatively small, local Danish business with flat hierarchies,” explains Mr. Lemminger. “We are a little bit more flexible than the big suppliers and are a good alternative to provide individually customized solutions.”

Innoterm plans to continue to develop the dynamically evolving district heating market in the Nordic region, where the company already has a leading position.

“Growth, however, is not our main ambition,” says Mr. Lemminger. “Our primary concern is to achieve stable sustainable development.”

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