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Attractive and affordable


Nordea Ejendomsinvestering (Nordea Properties) is a leading Danish real-estate management business and part of Nordea, the largest financial services group in Northern Europe.

Nordea is a universal bank with activities in retail and corporate banking and operates 700 branches in the Northern countries. Nordea Ejendomsinvestering manages an extensive property portfolio comprising more than 1,250 residential units and over 2,400 commercial properties with an overall value of 2.6 billion EUR.

“There is an ongoing consolidation in the Danish banking sector, but our portfolio has been fairly stable over the last decade,” says Vice President Henrik Steenstrup. “The financial crisis in Europe only had a minor impact on us.”

Owned by Nordea, Nordea Ejendomsinvestering is concentrating on sustainable development. “Nordea is also a pension fund investor,” explains Mr. Steenstrup. “As such, we are focused on generating stable, recurring income.”

95% of the real estates managed by Nordea Ejendomsinvestering are commercial properties, including office buildings in Copenhagen and other large Danish cities, multi-tenant properties, logistics businesses and retail sites.

“We have many modern office properties with high occupancy rates,” states Mr. Steenstrup. “At the same time, we have a stock of older office buildings which we are completely refurbishing, opposed to many competitors in the property management sector who are allowing their properties to decay.”

Nordea Ejendomsinvestering covers the entire value chain. “We provide everything from architectural support and project development to maintenance services and administrative solutions,” explains Mr. Steenstrup. “We are also in constant touch with our tenants and know their requirements. We consider our tenants as partners, and our relationships with them as mutually beneficial.”

Nordea Ejendomsinvestering is currently developing a large residential property along the harbour front of Copenhagen. “This will be a landmark development project, with 1,300 apartments and an investment volume of 265 million EUR, which will offer affordable housing in a highly attractive area,” states Mr. Steenstrup. “Our vision is to be recognized not only as one of the top real estate managers in Denmark, but also as the most credible and trustworthy partner and a socially responsible investor,” concludes Mr. Steenstrup.

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