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When talking about his company, for Purchasing and Marketing Manager Anders Loth there is one thing especially important to mention. “Our work is about so much more than just sewerage,” he says. “It is about creating the necessary infrastructure and supervising it. We are one of those companies that you don’t ‘see’ as long as things take their usual turn. But whenever a problem occurs, as for example in case of flooding, the effects of our prevention and supervising measures become visible at once as serious damage can be kept at bay.”

Next to conventional sewerage services like cleaning clogged pipes, emptying tanks – including those containing hazardous waste or septic substances – and industrial services and pressure washing, the company focuses on camera inspections of sewerage pipes to ensure that any leakage can be repaired in time.

“We use a special remote – controlled camera that is mounted on a vehicle that drives through the pipes. Our staff analyzes the pictures simultaneously on screen and thus detect any damage very fast. This way, it can be repaired without having to dig up the pipe which, in most cases, would cause traffic obstruction.”

No wonder that customers from many branches such as the pharma industry as well as the public sector and the engineering branch rely on NORVA24 Danmark’s comprehensive services. Since 2017, the company has been part of the NORVA24 Group that operates in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, thus being the only sewerage services company in Scandinavia working across borders.

Before, NORVA 24 Danmark belonged to ISS, a large group focused on cleaning services. For Mr. Loth, who joined the company in 2014, the takeover has definitely been a positive step. “Before, we were a small fish in a big pond. Now we are a bigger fish in a smaller pond,” he illustrates. “We are now part of a smaller group specializing in our own line of business. We found brothers in mind, so to speak, who are interested in developing our specialization. Our skills portfolio is more finely tuned than it was before, and with the Group’s other subsidiaries, we talk from expert to expert. Furthermore, this opportunity to join forces is helpful when it comes to finding solutions for difficult situations.”

Anders Loth
Our work is about so much more than just sewerage. It is about creating the necessary infrastructure and supervising it. Anders LothPurchasing and Marketing Manager

The company’s positive development is also fruitful from a financial perspective. In 2017, the Group had a turnover of one billion DKK, 200 million DKK – about 26.8 million EUR – of which was generated by NORVA24 Danmark. Yet in the market, there is strong competition.

“For us that means we always have to be one step ahead,” Mr. Loth says, explaining the necessary consequence. “We are one of the three main service providers nationwide, and there are also several local providers. We always strive to provide the best quality of service. Otherwise it would be difficult to stand out.”

To strengthen its position, the company also invests in an excellent sales team: The acquisition of new clients enables steady organic growth. “In this respect, trade fairs are also important for us,” points out Mr. Loth. “We participate in the large national fairs in order to present our services and acquire new clients.”

In the nearer future, NORVA24 Danmark also plans to grow through acquisitions. “We might buy companies in northern Germany,” says Mr. Loth. “But for now, there is still enough potential in Denmark.”

In the coming years, all the old sewerage systems in Denmark will be renovated step by step. “In this process, we will have our share,” says Mr. Loth. “With our 165 employees, we already have the size to take on big projects and complete major tasks.”

The Purchasing and Marketing Manager also detects an increasing need for confirmation and digital recordings of before-during-after situations, as well for digital time registrations of operations. “We need to provide transparency to our customers both for quality management as well as from an economic point of view,” concludes Mr. Loth. “Quality assurance and providing transparency to customers are topics that are always high on our agenda now and in the future.“