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Extraordinary environments are our daily business


„We are much more than just a production company,“ he states. “We have a strong focus on engineering and develop our designs for difficult environments. We mainly create electronic solutions for machine builders who need smart products. Our solutions are often developed tailor-made to the clients’ products, for example trucks, truck cranes and other machines that are used out in the field. All our products are very competitive in high and low temperature environments and under difficult weather conditions.”

Indeed, Selektro is a household name in many industries where machine durability is of great importance. Today, renowned names from the marine and automotive industry, purification plants, machine builders, concrete factories and pump and water companies rely on Selektro. Cooperation is a key word at Selektro.

“Innovative strength has always been one our driving spirit,” says Mr. Andersen. “We create state-of-the-art technologies and solutions in close cooperation with customers. Often, the problems are very complex. We believe in long-term partnerships. Therefore, we often invite them and organize innovation days. We see ourselves as a total supplier of electronic solutions, from the first idea through to the final product.”

Selektro’s strategy is paying off. At present, the company focuses on the Scandinavian market. In addition to this, the company services some clients in Germany. In the coming years, the electronics specialist aims to enhance its business in Germany.

“There is much potential for us in Germany,” confirms the CEO. “In the long run, Canada is a promising market, too. We aim to grow our business internally and externally as well. We want to increase the business with our existing customers and also win new ones. Also, we want to prove that we are competitive without moving our production to the Far East. Moving to Asia for the sake of costs is short-sighted. Many Danish electronic manufacturers moved to Thailand for cost reasons. But today, we have pick and place robots. This means that we are able to integrate different production steps. This is a strong competitive advantage.”

In order to achieve its ambitious goals, Selektro will continue to invest in new technologies and production equipment. “At the end of the day, we would like to become a premier choice whenever there is a demand for innovative electronic solutions for demanding environments,” concludes Mr. Andersen.

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