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Of the first order


“We set up a good service organization in the last few years,” says Philippe Maquestiaux, who is responsible for the daily management in Belgium. He used to work for Q-PARK, one of SKIDATA’s big clients, and is therefore attuned to the needs of the customers. “We have invested in employees and CRM systems. Now our service organization is twice the size of what the number two in the market has to offer.”

The company is part of the SKIDATA Group, the global leader in pedestrian and vehicle access control solutions and their efficient management. Of the 660 employees of the group, 26 work in Belgium. A member of the publicly traded Swiss Kudelski Group, a market leader in digital security solutions, the group is known for technical innovations.

The company in Belgium is focused on car access management systems. “Unless one of our clients requests it,” Mr. Maquestiaux adds. “Bobbejaanland, for example, has people access facilities by SKIDATA. Depending on how the market develops, we might do more in this segment in the future.”

The company is mostly supplied by SKIDATA in Austria, though it also deals with additional material from other sources if necessary. “The hospital (UZ Gent) wanted the integration of their own administration and management of parking, so we built special interfaces and combined our system with theirs,” Mr. Maquestiaux remembers.

The newest product line of the company is SKIDATA Online, a cloud solution which reduces the hardware needed in the parking facilities.

“With this, all data per parking facility can be based in a central location, with high-speed connections for instant feedback,” Mr. Maquestiaux explains. “Now other clients can simply buy a barrier and ticket gate, and leave it to us to host their data.”

Even against the background of the crisis, the company achieves an annual turnover of around 168 million EUR. “We intend to grow even further through new developments and new prospects,” says Mr. Maquestiaux. “The market is getting saturated concerning new parking facilities, but the existing access systems need to be maintained and replaced with modern technology. This is an opportunity for us.”

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