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The power of fitness

Exercise is the miracle cure that, if it came in pill form, would make doctors everywhere rich. When so many of the health problems suffered by sedentary populations in affluent countries could be assuaged by simply getting up off the couch, it is hard to understand why more people don’t exercise more. As with many things that appear simple on the surface, there are a lot of factors at work that mean, that, for the time being, couch potatoes outnumber fitness freaks. One company, however, is trying its best to change that fact. The Basic-Fit chain of fitness studios espouses a philosophy that seeks to expand access to the power of fitness.


Quality food is for everyone

While Chinese businesses are slowly but surely invading the African market – a young, dynamic market with growing potential, European companies are in danger of missing their chance. Few of them seem to realize that emerging African countries belong to the markets of the future. Jobeco B.V. in the Netherlands is definitely one of the few that have taken notice. The Dutch enterprise has its eyes on the African market, offering quality food products at affordable prices. Emphasizing their belief in everyone’s right for quality food, they aim to counteract the mass exploitation that is currently taking place throughout the continent.


Taking tourism to the next level

In today’s busy world, people are actively seeking out a healthier work-life balance. With unemployment low in many parts of the world, workers embrace their holiday time and want to make the most of their time off work. This is especially true for the Millennial generation. Millennials and others are driven more by experiences than possessions. Tourism Group International, headquartered in Amsterdam, understands this evolving mindset and offers its clients the best time for their money. Being active in just about every area of tourism in the Netherlands and abroad allows this company to offer unique experiences.


Cutting to the chase: planning for a secure future

‘Our people are at the heart of our business’ – a statement that is often made, but one which is not always supported by actions. No one could accuse the American firm Hypertherm of empty words; all 1,400 employees, or associates, to use the correct Hypertherm terminology, are shareholders of the firm, bringing enormous benefits for both staff and customers. The manufacturer of plasma cutting machines for metal work is represented in the EMEA region by Hypertherm Europe B.V., headquartered in the Netherlands. The subsidiary is responsible for sales of the advanced cutting technology, which is produced exclusively in the United States.


Keen for responsible footwear

Whether for trailblazing the great outdoors or simply running errands, KEEN footwear has mastered the art of active footwear by providing customers with products that bridge the gap between fashion and functionality. Within just 14 years, the KEEN brand has become the fourth-largest outdoor shoe brand in the world while also establishing itself as a leader in corporate social responsibility. The KEEN company’s open and responsive approach to both product development and sustainability initiatives worldwide has since set the standard for good business practices in the age of globalization.


More than just chocolate

Question: When is a bar of chocolate not just a bar of chocolate? Answer: When it is part of a much bigger story. In the same way, Tony's Chocolonely is not just a brand of chocolate, the Dutch company is also part of a fascinating and, in part, horrifying story. The Amsterdam-based firm was founded as a direct result of a television documentary on the atrocities of child workers and slavery in the cocoa farming industry in West Africa.


Enhancing ground handling with efficient support services

The aviation sector worldwide continues to boom thanks to greater efficiency in the air and on the ground. At major hubs like Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, a plane lands or takes off virtually every minute throughout the day, making the pace of turnaround for ground crew relentlessly high with no room for error. KLM Equipment Services BV plays a vital part in this closely choreographed process. As an expert in ground support equipment (GSE), it is an indispensable link in the logistical processes involved in airplane turnaround at Schiphol Airport. It is now gearing up to expand this activity abroad.


Family-oriented fast food

Originating in France, the croquette is considered both a delicacy and fast food staple throughout the world. Every country and culture has its own version of this filled, deep-fried snack. FEBO Beheer B.V., located in the Netherlands, offers its clients different croquette varieties to choose from alongside other delicious options. With lots of shop locations spread throughout the country, customers can stop in or order their favourite items online for delivery.


Building a more sustainable future together

The construction industry is always expanding and changing. Alongside the commercial building industry, the DIY sector has been steadily on the rise for over a decade. The Berdal Group, headquartered in the Netherlands, has been a leading producer, supplier and private-label specialist of synthetic and rubber-based products for the past 45 years. The firm is also active in the creation of a range of products that uses technical membranes and waterproofing construction membranes.


It is our job to improve things

For a multinational like DSM, sustainability is not just a ‘must do’ or mainly linked with financial gain, but it is a business driver that helps boost sustainability and erase malnutrition and global warming. The business unit DSM Resins & Functional Materials is dedicated to ‘Shaping a sustainable coatings future. Together.’ It supports the coating industry with resins that allow for sustainable coating technologies – thus limiting the use of harmful solvents and toxic raw materials, and focusing on reducing carbon footprint where possible.