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Power – for today and tomorrow

Italy’s natural gas market is the third largest in Europe. Over recent years, the country has invested heavily in new infrastructure. At the same time, Italy is experiencing increasing demand for electricity generated from renewable sources. The Sime Group in Crema successfully operates in this competitive and challenging market. The energy provider considers diversification as one key to success.


From telecom to full IT service provider

Globalized and interconnected markets present opportunities for the democratization of technology. What does that mean? For BTC, it means bringing advanced technological solutions normally reserved for corporations, such as cloud-computing and mobile work platforms, to smaller and medium-sized firms in the Dutch market. Currently a major telecom reseller with a large client base in the Netherlands, BTC has brought in CEO Ray Kemp to mastermind an expansion into this new area. His plan has the potential to revolutionize not just the company, but small and medium-sized firms in the whole country.


Housing is a fundamental right

The housing market for affordable homes has experienced dramatic changes recently. People who survive on a low income or need extra support are literally left out in the cold. The Belgian Wallonia is a challenged region with an unemployment rate of 20% in some areas. Here, the social institution Centr’Habitat SCRL has set off to create living space for people in need.


A special champagne for a special occasion

When it comes to choosing a champagne that stands out from the rest, Champagne Henriot SAS fits the bill perfectly, even in a uniquely exclusive field. Of the big-name houses in the Champagne wine-growing region, it is the smallest, known for the discreetness of its presence and the satisfyingly high quality of its champagnes. A family-owned winery in the eighth generation, it can trace its heritage back to 1808.


Get the look and feel at home

World-famous architect Zaha Hadid once said, “Architecture is really about well-being. I think that people want to feel good in a space.” In this regard, furniture plays an important role as it basically defines the soul of a home. When entering a well-designed room, it just feels right. One can sense the cohesiveness of everything coming together perfectly. Furniture made by Mobilificio Santa Lucia s.p.a. definitely helps you to feel at home – even when in a hotel.


Putting patients first with effective treatments

Thanks to companies like medac SAS, patients with niche complaints can still look forward to effective treatment and relief for their symptoms. The French sales arm of an independent, German, family-owned pharmaceutical laboratory distributes a range of products that bridge the gap between new developments and generics in medical fields such as rheumatology, oncology, urology, haematology and neurosurgery. By focusing on existing molecules and using them in new ways, medac maximizes the potential for patients to benefit from drugs developed for their needs.


Only the best for cats and dogs

Good nutrition and high-quality ingredients for cat and dog food were the prerequisites for Baldassare Monge when he set up Monge & C. S.p.a. in 1963. Mr. Monge was the first to produce wet pet food in Italy and has always done things differently from most competitors in the pet food market. A move that has paid off, as today Monge is the leading name for cat and dog food in Italy, ranking among the top ten in Europe and taking 27th position worldwide. Monge produces healthy and tasty cat and dog food for the global market, serving customers in more than 90 countries.


Taking the fear out of freelancing

The opportunity to shape your own working day with activities that you enjoy, the chance to build a successful business on your own terms: the attractions of working on a freelance basis are abundant and diverse. Less appealing however, is the huge amount of administration involved, and the lack of financial security in the case of sickness or unemployment. Freelancers working in Belgium are reaping the benefits of a highly effective solution. Tentoo Payroll Services BV takes the pain out of financial management for freelancers, leaving them more time to earn money and enjoy their work.


Solutions for a safer world

As a result of terrorist threats, attacks and cybercrime, our society has changed significantly. Security cannot be taken for granted anymore and people are concerned about their safety. For this reason, security systems are becoming more and more important. Video surveillance systems continuously monitor the environment and access control systems make sure that people only get where they are allowed to. SIPPRO – Solutions IP Protection, with headquarters near Montpellier, France, is an expert when it comes to security systems and is on its way to becoming the market leader in this sector in France.


Creativity and style for women’s legs

It seems like a dream come true: When the founders of Gabriella were about to realise their vision of their own hosiery enterprise, it was both coincidence and luck that were they able to buy used machinery from a closed hosiery production site in Łódź. The young entrepreneurs wanted to bring modern and classic tights to the Polish markets. Looking back 23 years now, it seems that their idea has turned into a true business success. Gabriella is market leader in Poland and the company exports its legwear to more than 50 countries worldwide.