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Heavyweights on stage

Performance and safety are important criteria when it comes to choosing the right lifting system. At the same time, the system must be capable of being adapted to individual needs. Eurogamma Spa in Calenzano, Italy offers a range of lifting systems that is unrivalled in its breadth and adaptability. Individual customer needs can be catered to, even in the case of larger loads such as transport vehicles.


Just the right team for innovative, value-adding hotel management

Flexibility, design and lifestyle are the hallmarks of the refurbishments carried out by Grape Hospitality from France, owner, operator and manager of 87 hotels in eight European countries and well over 9,000 rooms operated under a franchise contract. Jointly owned by Eurazeo, Accor Invest and the group management, Grape Hospitality has opened twelve new restaurants in the three years of its existence and raised the annual turnover from 200 to 250 million EUR. An impressive achievement by any standards. At the same time customer satisfaction has gone up from seven to a value of almost nine out of ten – another point to confirm the group’s successful and value-adding hotel management.


Together, let's build the solutions of tomorrow. That's what we do with our customers

New IT solutions still requires heavy investment, but when installed, it provides extensive tangible benefits. Belgian integrator and service specialist NSI IT Software & Services SA offers to customers in its local region the opportunity to transform their IT cost into a decisive advantage for the growth of their business.


Plug pioneers

‘You can’t put a square peg in a round hole’. This traditional saying is as true for power sockets as anything else. There are many different plugs and sockets in use around the world and traveling overseas means figuring out what kind of adapter is needed in specific countries. Italian manufacturer Fanton SpA in Conselve near Padua produces plugs and sockets which meet the highest quality standards and are greatly acclaimed all around the world.


Tire solutions that never tire

About to celebrate its 60th anniversary, Italian firm Nuova CIBA S.p.A. has secured its place among the world market leaders as a major supplier in the rubber industry. From raw materials storage to transport, dosing and mixing, the company provides both semi and completely automated production line solutions for companies primarily in tire production as well as Rubber Technical Goods manufacturers and Custom Compounders. European Business spoke to Sales Director Cesare Viganò about the company’s ongoing success, long-term relations and its acquisition by the ZEPPELIN Group.


Engineering success in the oil and gas sector: Forain, an Italian company

Whether the need is for a simple pressure vessel or a complete plant, Forain Srl in Italy has the engineering expertise to tackle projects of any size. With more than 40 years of experience in providing engineering services for the oil and gas sector, the company has outgrown its Italian roots and operates today as an international player in a global market. Subsidiaries in Singapore, Myanmar and Turkey ensure that customers receive local support throughout the duration of their project while a fully equipped technical office at the company’s headquarters in Milan ensures customers getting the plant they want and need.


How to set up a new market

All kinds of products are available in the second-hand market: books, clothing, cars… Yet there are individual segments where buying second hand is still not very common, such as luxury watches. Watchmaster ICP GmbH has set out to change this and blazed the trail for Europe’s largest online marketplace for pre-owned watches. The venture capital-backed company is developing a fast-evolving global market, which benefits both sellers and buyers, and runs the largest watchmaker’s workshop in the German capital.


How to benefit from the IoT

It all began with lead profiles for stained glass windows over 90 years ago. Since then, the third-generation family business has developed into a leading Belgian supplier of custom-engineered plastic profiles, flooring systems and wall panels. Being highly innovative and dynamic, the Extrusion Company (Extruco) and Stillemans are currently working on integrating the Internet of Things into its products.


Family tradition and innovation

Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops: The hospitality business is dominated by huge big-name chains. While many smaller establishments are also successful, they nevertheless face serious challenges in competing with the large corporates. As hoteliers based in Canazei in the Italian Dolomites, the Nicolodi family recognized that while individuality is a positive attribute, there is also strength in numbers. The family founded Union Hotels Canazei, a group of local hotels, restaurants and entertainment facilities owned by the family itself and other local business people, to create a strong and successful hospitality presence in the region.


Just the perfect display

There is hardly any area of life that can do without them: Displays presenting information in visual form have become everyday items and are found in household appliances, high-tech production units as well as in machinery and measuring devices. Its strong focus on displays in all their facets has made DMB Technics AG, the Swiss developer and supplier of elaborate display solutions for household appliances, medicine technology and machining, a frontrunner in this market segment. Swiss perfection and precision are still trademarks that are highly appreciated all around the world.