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Hidden champion on a bicycle

Riding a bicycle is an evergreen of mobility, and especially with the emergence of e-bikes, people have rediscovered their passion for cycling. The industry is booming and being a sustainable and healthier alternative to cars, bicycles play an important role in the mobility of the future. SPRICK CYCLE GmbH based in Gütersloh, Germany, has been active in the industry since 1922 and has become on original design manufacturer of bicycles for renowned customers.


For easy fluid applications

Simplifying the lives of people – that is, no doubt, the prerequisite that has been determining the work of Röchling Medical Brensbach GmbH for many years. With its vast range of smart plastic products which are used in the medical sector, numerous applications in connection with fluids have become much easier and more accurate. Nasal spray bottles, infusion bottles, cleaning fluid bottles and medications for drawing and administering a drug are only some examples to demonstrate the company’s competence in fluid management solutions.


How to combine craftsmanship with digital technologies

It is a family business through and through: Managed by the third and fourth generations, Bouwbedrijf M.J. de Nijs en Zonen B.V. has successfully completed many outstanding buildings, including the EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam, the national film museum of the Netherlands, and the Hermitage Amsterdam in Amsterdam, a local offshoot of the renowned The State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg. In business for almost a century, the company perfectly combines quality craftsmanship with advanced digital technology and a low environmental footprint.


Networking in the pipeline

Founded in the 1960s, the Mediterranean-Rhône pipeline company, known as SPMR, operates a network of pipelines backed by refineries and import depots on the Mediterranean coast and by the Lyon-Feyzin refinery. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it provides road and aviation fuel and heating fluids to the depots in the southeast of France and the region of Geneva through its connection to a Swiss pipeline, covering nearly 75% of the demand from these regions.


The way we see dairy

For thousands of years humans have been building relationships with nature. Of those, one of the most important is the human relationship with domesticated animals, especially those that give dairy products. Osuuskunta Maitomaa has been honing the relationship between humanity and this vital resource since 1915. A holistic and organic approach to well-being, especially of the animals, makes the dairy products healthier and more delicious.


How to effectively fight climate change

Retreaded tyres use about 70% less rubber than new tyres, thus saving precious natural resources and harmful emissions in production. Their quality is in no way inferior to new products, and they are available at much lower prices. Having recognized their large CO2 reduction potential, Rösler Tyre Innovators GmbH & Co. KG has been offering retreaded tyres since the 1960s. It has thus been fighting climate change before it was there.


Investing with impact: Helping people to help themselves

The world is getting smaller: not literally of course, but the march of globalization and digitalization means that we are all far more aware of what is happening in other regions of the world. In particular, images and information about the conditions in which citizens live and work in developing countries has made many people pause for thought. Banks and wealth managers in particular are experiencing the effects of this increasing awareness. Many clients are no longer content to allow the professionals to simply invest on their behalf; they demand that their money is used for social improvement around the globe. Belgian firm Incofin Investment Management is a specialist in so-called impact investment.


How to modernize a country

Fibre networks are the future in delivering high-speed broadband services for the Internet of Things, video streaming and other, increasingly data-intensive applications. Viken Fiber AS, a Norwegian fibre pioneer, has been laying fibre cables for the past 14 years and with its advanced technology, the company is challenging the traditional providers and enhancing Norway’s modernization.


Promising perspectives in sight

Vision loss can affect people of all ages – and can change life dramatically. Often, it has a significant effect on everyday life, and patients experience continuous mental stress due to worries, anxiety, or fear of consequences such as depression or social isolation. Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is a progressive degenerative disease of the retina that can lead to blindness. Now, Okuvision GmbH from Reutlingen is giving hope to patients suffering from RP. The company has developed OkuStimⓇ, a system that offers the chance to slow down the progression of RP.


No chance for damp

It can occur in any poorly ventilated house, no matter how grand or ordinary – mould, a result of moisture that can lead to serious health problems. According to the World Health Organisation a large number of cases of childhood asthma are caused by exposure to indoor damp and mould. The earlier the mould is detected and removed the better. Murprotec SA in France is a European leader in damp-proofing treatment.