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Randstad Interim SA

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The best-matched needle in the haystack

One of the greatest challenges that every industry faces is that of staffing. Not every job applicant has the right qualifications for the vacancy, and human resources managers have the chore of sifting through massive amounts of chaff to find the wheat. The hurdle becomes even greater when the company is based in a smaller country, which naturally has fewer possible candidates to begin with, or when the company is so large that it is inundated with applications for any and every position imaginable. Recruitment will not necessarily become any easier in the future as certain industries deal with the plight of inadequately educated candidates. Companies can easily become overwhelmed by this daunting task, thus opening a market for Randstad Interim SA. Located in Luxembourg with branches in Esch-sur-Alzette near the French border and Wiltz near Belgium, the subsidiary of the internationally operating Dutch company Randstad Holding nv offers HR services so clients can find the proverbial needle in the haystack.