Romantik Hotel Schloss Rheinfels

The breathtaking location gives the hotel that special something

Royal time out

The view, the décor, the comfort, the food, that special something: those who treat themselves to an out-of-town break from everyday stress want the perfect, all round package. Not just the room, but the service, the extras and the ambience must hit the mark. The Romantik Hotel Schloss Rheinfels in Tal der Loreley offers its guests a top-class experience, which includes being made to feel like royalty.

Andreas Ludwig, Director of Romantik Hotel Schloss Rheinfels

“We are a village in a castle. Everyone is welcome,” says Andreas Ludwig, describing the culture of his hotel. The Director and Deputy Managing Director has been a proud castle resident for a number of years. “Castle residents, that’s what we call our employees. Above all, it is important that we treat employees and guests equally. Empathy is the key factor.”

Not only in communication-related matters does the Hotel Schloss Rheinfels stand head and shoulders above other hotels. The unique location, with its view of the Loreley, ensures that a holiday at the hotel is an unforgettable and nostalgic experience.

“In our niche, there is hardly any competition because the location of the hotel cannot be duplicated. We are simply a magnet,” effuses Mr. Ludwig. Versatility is also a key theme. “We have three pillars. Firstly, we have overnight guests. 85% book direct; for us, that is very important. In addition, we generate a large proportion of our income through our gastronomy service, for example with brunch, celebrations and meetings. These are all catered for at the hotel.”

Hotel as an experience

The hotel is also proud of its innovation. “We have a new online shop. Customers can purchase vouchers or tickets for concerts. We also sell jam, honey and coffee. The range is constantly increasing,” notes Mr. Ludwig

“Our hotel serves a niche: We are an oasis of peace, where guests can indulge in nostalgia.”

Andreas Ludwig

Mr. Ludwig sees the positive trend continuing over the coming years. “On the one side you have the large hotel chains which have standardized everything. Many of these hotels are highly technologized – everything is digital and surreal. With us, guests experience something special,” he says.

The hotel offers not only a holiday, it provides an experience. Mr. Ludwig does all he can to ensure this remains the case. “I give training, and strongly promote employer branding. In addition, we have two big projects at the moment: one is the digitalization of the meeting rooms, and the other is the launch of our first ship, the Buonavista.”

Romantik Hotel Schloss Rheinfels
Schloßberg 47
56329 St. Goar

Phone +49 6741 8020
Fax +49 6741 802802

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