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Société Nouvelle des Douceurs de Jacquemart

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Interview with Jean-Christophe Radouan, Managing Director of Société Nouvelle des Douceurs de Jacquemart

A biscuit with a story to tell

Every country has its own food specialties, some sweet and some savoury. They are usually the things that migrants miss most when they move to another country for work. In the case of the Italian migrants who settled in Romans-sur-Isère in France in the 19th century, it was their much-loved Italian jam-filled biscuits. However, just as the people adapt to their new home, so too do their imported food specialties. Today, Société Nouvelle des Douceurs de Jacquemart continues to bake the traditional Lunettes de Romans, created when two cultures met. European Business talked to Managing Director Jean-Christophe Radouan about the birth of a Dauphinoise tradition.