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Roche Diabetes Care France SAS

Keeping diabetes well in check
With an increase in numbers by about 2 to 4% each year, diabetes has become one of the pressing medical issues of our time. The metabolic disorder can occur in two forms – type 1, where the pancreas fails to produce insulin altogether (often already in early childhood), and type 2, which is typically linked to old age or an unhealthy lifestyle. Patients of both types rely strongly on devices to help manage the chronic disease. In France, Roche Diabetes Care France SAS provides comfortable solutions to keep diabetes in check.


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Health & Medical Special 1/2017

In this issue: Omnicell, Inc. - Automation for better care / Accuray Europe SAS - Improving life for cancer patients / Bomi Italia S.p.A. - Handling health around the world / Getinge Group - The human face of healthcare

Health & Medical Industry

Getinge Group

The human face of healthcare
Whatever else happens in the world, healthcare is one of the industries that will always be needed. It is a relatively traditional sector and the basic principles underpinning patient care remain fairly constant. Progress is made through advanced treatment techniques and innovative products that make life easier and more efficient for patients and medical staff alike. The Getinge Group, headquartered in Sweden, is a leading global provider of innovative solutions for operating rooms, intensive-care units, hospital wards, sterilization departments, elderly care and for life science companies and institutions.

Health & Medical Industry


Optimum conditions for quality and safety
Incubators and climate chambers are widely used in research to breed cells and assess their reaction to different environmental conditions. They are also very common in many industrial sectors to perform product tests, such as a mobile phone that is exposed to fluctuating temperatures or readily flammable materials that are tested for safety. The global number 1 specialist in this high-tech market is BINDER GmbH. With its highly engineered simulation devices, the medium-sized family enterprise enables its customers to improve product quality, reliability and safety.

Health & Medical Industry

ISIS Diabète SAS

Hope for diabetes sufferers
Diabetes diagnoses are rising, with an estimated 300 million sufferers worldwide. When left untreated or poorly managed, diabetes has terrible consequences for patients. However, maintaining stable blood sugar levels requires a level of discipline that many people struggle with. ISIS Diabète SAS in France specializes in fitting and training patients in the use of the latest external insulin pumps to free them from a constrictive regime.

Health & Medical Industry

Accuray Europe SAS

Improving life for cancer patients
Cancer research is constantly developing more and more treatment options that help cancer patients to live longer and better lives. The number of patients diagnosed with cancer is still increasing, and therefore effective treatment options are more important than ever. Accuray Incorporated develops and produces a complete portfolio of innovative radiation therapy and radiosurgery platforms for treating multiple forms of cancer. With its high-precision cancer treatment solutions, tumours can be irradiated efficiently while preserving healthy tissue. This way, the side effects of the treatments can be reduced, and the quality of life of patients can be enhanced.

Transport & Logistics

Bomi Group

Handling health around the world
Without the transport and logistics industry, the whole world would very quickly grind to a halt. No foodstuffs, no building materials, no medical supplies. Not just the luxuries in life need to be transported, the essentials which sustain life are equally dependent on efficient delivery solutions. Many products require only a lorry, ship or aircraft to get from A to B with no special conditions necessary, and there are thousands of generalist freight forwarders competing for this business. Some goods, however, need very careful handling due either to their value or sensitivity or, of course, both. Bomi Group specializes in logistics for the medical sector, moving clinical machines, diagnostics and other products around the world.

Health & Medical Industry

77 Elektronika Kft.

A Hungarian force in medical diagnostics
Lifestyle changes over the last few decades have been both a blessing and a curse. On the plus side, we can celebrate vastly increased life expectancy. Unfortunately, improved access to processed foods and more sedentary living have also resulted in growing rates of diabetes, leading to demand for home blood glucose testing equipment. 77 Elektronika Kft. responded to this need and pioneered blood glucose meters for the Hungarian market. This remains among its key products today, which also include urine analyzers and consumables.

Health & Medical Industry

Ospedale Pederzoli SpA

From nursing home to hospital
Italy’s Servizio Sanitario Nazionale has provided generations of Italians with a good standard of universally accessible health services. Technical advances and demographic trends have helped to extend the average life expectancy. However, the system is today facing new challenges. The country’s financial crisis has hit the health sector hard. Ospedale Pederzoli SpA in Peschiera del Garda is well aware of the new economical and ethical challenges. The health institution has successfully developed from a nursing home to a modern hospital.

Health & Medical Industry

Bertin Pharma

A one-stop-shop for pharmaceutical development
Pharmaceutical research is moving in many exciting directions that promise to bring real advances for human health, not just in the big medical challenges such as cancer and metabolic disease, but in immunopharmacology and nutraceuticals as well. The backbone of the research process is exhaustive testing of new molecules and biologics. Bertin Pharma in France specializes in supplying a wide range of bioreagents and is also a respected research solution provider.

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