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We care about your comfort

In particular when power cuts occur or other major disturbances hinder the free flow of gas supply, people suddenly realize how dependent they are on public utilities. It is they that make everyday life at home so comfortable and pleasant. In the Czech Republic and in Brno in particular, there is one name that guarantees the supply of heat, steam, hot water and electricity: Teplárny Brno, a.s. serves more than 90,000 households in the Brno region and is eager to remain the supplier of choice to its customers.


The spirit of the time

Wristwatches have become a standard accessory in most people’s wardrobes. Aside from the functional aspect, watches are also fashionable and reveal the wearer’s style, making it essential to find just the right timepiece for your wrist. Many people today even have more than one watch to have the perfect timepiece to complement each ensemble. Italjapan S.r.l. based in Milan is a wholesaler of exquisite watches that are both functional and fashionable. The family-owned and operated company supplies 90% of its range to Europe and beyond with the brands that keep everyone’s wrists in the spirit of the time.


More than fruit and bananas

Any international or national trader exporting fruit and bananas to the German market is in need of a specialist who is familiar with the logistics services required to get the goods to the consumer as quickly and reliably as possible. On arrival in Hamburg and Bremen, he will entrust his delicate cargo to the hands of Heuer Logistics GmbH & Co. KG that has become a synonym for hassle-free fruit logistics for over fi ve decades. But there is more to Heuer Logistics than merely the transport and storage of fruit.


Time for tea

Worldwide, there are hundreds of different tea varieties, each with its own characteristics, taste and health benefi ts. They are generally categorized into black teas, green teas, white teas, Chai teas, Oolong teas, Rooibos teas, herbal teas and tea blends. In Austria, the place to go for all tea lovers is Tea & Co Handelsges.m.b.H., which runs two stores in the Mozart city of Salzburg. For all other tea connoisseurs, the company offers a worldwide delivery service.


Against all odds

There are different ways of responding to pessimistic predictions. Most people will admit defeat when obstacles become too high. The true entrepreneur, however, sees a challenge where others fail – a challenge to be met with courage and determination. The history of IVANAL d.o.o. based in Šibenik is the story of true entrepreneurs. In a difficult situation, the Croatian enterprise has invested in manpower, facilities and a brand-new location and has emerged as an internationally acclaimed producer of aluminium die castings.


Making a successful business out of a hobby

The internet marketplace eBay is one of the pioneers of online shopping and one of the big success stories of the internet bubble of the late 1990s. Its phenomenal success paved the way for other internet shopping portals, many of which started out as specialist shops on eBay. One of them is Newpixel 24 S.r.l. in Italy. The online shopping portal for electronic equipment started life on eBay but soon grew big enough to merit its own dedicated site.


Documented success

In the pharmaceutical and medical device sector, separate approvals must be sought for each country in which products are to be sold. Obtaining these approvals is not just a question of reviewing existing research and documentation, it can also involve conducting further research to satisfy the requirements of the target market. Swiss pharmaceutical specialist Documedica SA offers a full range of services oriented towards the development or renewal of new pharmaceutical products and medical devices, permitting their registration in any European country.


Suppliers of farming equipment

Dangreville SA supplies farm machinery and equipment to those who need it in France and across the border in Belgium and Germany. It is a well-established company that is well-known in the region for its excellent product range. It is a family company, and the current management is the fourth generation of ownership. It manufactures and supplies farm machinery, equipment and other products to farmers and larger business owners in the region.


Contacts creating value

No matter the size of a business, no matter what industry, excellent customer service needs to be the key element of any business model. An outstanding customer service can help to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and differentiates a company from its competitors. As excellent customer services can take extra resources, time and money, it is a good idea to rely on experienced experts such as MEDIACOM Srl.


Always on the go

Mobile is the key to reaching audience – regardless if a company is focused on advertising or building a brand. Research clearly illustrates that reaching customers on the go is more important than ever. DigiTouch SpA from Milan is the Italian leader for digital advertisement.


Capturing sunshine around the world

With global warming on the rise, solar energy is needed now more than ever. In order to efficiently convert this energy into a resource we can use, solar tracking systems need to direct the panels towards the sunlight to capture it. The solar tracking industry is growing tremendously, and DEGERenergie GmbH, a German-based company, is a large contributor to this development. Its incredible history and international presence make it a corporation that is respected throughout the world.


Linking medicines and markets

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest in the world, and it is also one of the most stringent sectors in terms of testing and standards. That is fortunate for people’s health, but it entails countless steps between the concept and the launch of a new product. Many drug producers seek external assistance when it comes to testing, and that is where LINK Medical Research AS steps in. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, the market-leading LINK Medical is a contract research organization that provides everything from project management and drug safety to medical writing and training.


Intelligent system solutions from a single source

The success of Switzerland’s manufacturing sector has been built on a reputation for excellence in technically demanding fields such as watchmaking, precision measuring instruments and optical equipment. One of the world’s leading suppliers of optical systems and components is the Swiss manufacturer FISBA AG. The family-owned company has been manufacturing sophisticated optical equipment in St. Gallen since 1957. Its expertise covers the fields of research, development, consulting and production, allowing it to offer its clients intelligent system solutions from a single source.


Keeping the planes flying

Alitalia Maintenance Systems SpA in Rome is one of the leading companies in maintenance, repair and overhaul services for engines, auxiliary power units (APUs) and aeronautical components. Due to the changes in the aeronautic market and the challenging economic situation in Europe, the company underwent a comprehensive restructuring at the end of 2013. The challenge is to have the Company back on track on 2014, with the break-even in the 2015 and ready for further growth.


Exporting expertise

The renewable energies sector is one of the most dynamically evolving markets worldwide. Double-digit growth rates are the rule rather than the exception. This is also true for Elettrostudio Energia SpA. The Italian company constructs and manages wind, solar, hydroelectric and biomass power plants all over the country and is now aiming to use its technical expertise and project management know-how to develop other European markets, too.


Pioneers in 0 km delivery of heavy duty vehicles

Whoever buys a brand new car wants it to be actually brand new and not a used one, buyers want to start at 0 km. Cars therefore are transported by special car transporters from the manufacturer to the dealer. But what about heavy duty vehicles? That’s where the Italian company Graglia S.r.l. comes in. Based in Turin in Northern Italy, Graglia ranks with the major players in Europe for the road transport of all type of heavy duty vehicles and mobile machinery.


The bright side of Italian style

Italy is synonymous with impeccable style. The best fashion schools, the best shoes, the best handbags – it is surely no coincidence that Italy is shaped like a boot. Home furnishings also have a place in Italy’s couture culture. Fabbian Illuminazione Spa partners with international designers and architects to produce stylish and modern light fixtures, so consumers can take home a piece of Italian fashion at an affordable price.