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Interview with Giovanni Monini, CEO of Incico SpA

Multidisciplinary engineering services

With 40 years of experience in the challenging field of multidisciplinary engineering, Incico SpA in Italy has made a name for itself with numerous successfully completed projects worldwide. Its Italian team of 80 experienced engineers and technicians is complemented by a 30-strong team at its subsidiary company in India. With its sights firmly fixed on future expansion, it recently restructured its operations into three business units. European Business talked to Giovanni Monini, CEO and son of the company founder, about how the restructure fits in with his plans for the future direction of the company.

Interview with Harm Blaauwgeers, Operational Director, and Lindy Leijser, Administrative Director at Trexico Logistics BV

The link between east and west

The ability to move goods swiftly from place to place has allowed the dissemination of information across the globe. As the opportunities to move goods has increased, so too has the complexity. Trexico Logistics BV has coordinated global logistics for over 20 years and has established itself as a specialized logistics expert across road, water, rail and air.


Harnessing the power of the sun for France

Europe has a reputation for taking the lead in power generation using renewable energy sources. The south of the continent, in particular, has a fondness for solar energy as it bathes in sunshine. EDF ENR supports the solar power industry with a wide selection of services ranging from conceptualization to installation and maintenance. The company will even aid customers in determining their financing options to ensure they can harness the power of the sun.

Interview with Franz Gruber, Founder and Managing Director (CEO) of FORCAM GmbH

Turn raw data into useful information

As one of the world’s leading solution providers in the field of production control and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), FORCAM GmbH delivers significant increases in productivity for its largely blue-chip client base. The innovative IIoT solution partner has, since its foundation in 2001, evolved its product portfolio into a high-performance manufacturing 4.0 platform with turnkey and fully scaleable cloud solutions plus a vital ecosystem of partner applications. More than 100,000 machines worldwide are monitored with FORCAM technology. European Business spoke to its Founder and Managing Director (CEO) Franz Gruber about how his company continues to disrupt the market.

SodaStream Nordics AB

Less waste, more sparkle

SodaStream has been putting sparkle into tap water since 1903 and continues to break new ground in the beverage market today. Its innovative approach to the problem of plastic waste coupled with a focus on healthy products are what encouraged its takeover by global soft drinks giant Pepsico in 2018. Since October of last year in Norway and in Sweden, SodaStream owners have been able to make iconic Pepsi beverages such as Pepsi, Pepsi Max and 7UP at home.

Interview with Dr. Rok Bernard, CEO and Co-Owner of Sensum d.o.o.

A vision in precision

Sensum d.o.o. transforms what used to be a manual, mundane job with efficient, precise innovation. Headquartered in Slovenia’s capital, Sensum, now entering its 20th year, is one of the premiere developers and manufacturers of automatic visual inspection systems for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies. Serving pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer, Novartis and Roche, the Sensum brand was catapulted into the spotlight at the same speed with which its machines inspect thousands of pills. Since then, Sensum has continued to experience steady growth, thanks to its technology-driven leadership.


Invested in a different approach

Real estate is a vital part of any successful investment portfolio. Real estate investments can satisfy the need for long-term, low-risk equity growth as well as generate more opportunistic, shorter term gains. But more than this, bricks and mortar investments are also investments in the very fabric of society, whether it is a residential, commercial, industrial or public building. As an expert in real estate investments of all kinds, Heitman is one of only a few privately owned companies in this competitive sector. It prides itself on its transparency and respect for clients – something it calls the Heitman Difference.


LEVS designs with local spirit

In order to create residential areas that feel pleasant for a long time to come, every urban planning project requires a dedicated approach. One has to enter into a relationship with the local people and surroundings, in order to find the optimal sustainable solution. The project teams of LEVS architecten are always looking for specific answers that suit a particular situation. They work on residential and urban planning projects in The Netherlands and other Western European countries as well as in Russia and rural Africa. The company is based in a former harbour area in Amsterdam and has 40 employees.


Smooth transaction thanks to effective change management

Mergers and acquisitions are commonplace, but while the initial proposition may seem attractive to the parties involved, what happens after the deal is done is decisive in determining its long-term success. In 2019, the KISSLING Group, a German specialist in switching solutions, was acquired by TE Connectivity to form TE Connectivity KISSLING Products GmbH. The company's subsequent focus on effective integration will ensure that this particular acquisition fulfils its potential.

Lemar B.V.

Above and beyond distribution

Companies in the EU have had the benefit of an integrated European market for decades now. It has provided many opportunities to take products that have been successful in one market, and transplant them in new, untapped markets. To make this happen, you need a company willing to help you break in, like Lemar BV, a distributor of responsible food brands in the Netherlands.


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Automotive Engineering

Interview with Gard Hollinger, star custom bike designer, entrepreneur, business partner of Hollywoodstar Keanu Reeves and co-founder OF ARCH Motorcycle Company, LLC

The American dream on two wheels

Enjoying the freedom of the open road on two wheels is an intrinsic piece of modern American mythology. No bike expresses this more than the hand-made, customized machines ARCH Motorcycle Company, which was founded on the idea of redefining the American performance cruiser. European Business talked to Gard Hollinger, joint-founder of ARCH Motorcycle Company about where he finds inspiration for his motorcycle designs, having a Hollywood star as a partner and whether he has a favourite bike in the new portfolio.


A new car for Africa

When it comes to ordering a new car, everyone can rely on Transautomobile. From diplomats and businessmen who relocate abroad for work for long or short periods, as well as private customers from all continents. The Belgian company TRANSAUTOMOBILE supplies and exports all models and brands of vehicles: pickup trucks as well as SUVs, buses, trucks and special vehicles.


How to effectively fight climate change

Retreaded tyres use about 70% less rubber than new tyres, thus saving precious natural resources and harmful emissions in production. Their quality is in no way inferior to new products, and they are available at much lower prices. Having recognized their large CO2 reduction potential, Rösler Tyre Innovators GmbH & Co. KG has been offering retreaded tyres since the 1960s. It has thus been fighting climate change before it was there.


Shifting up a gear

In France, it is the undisputed market leader. Now the motorbike parts and accessories specialist Bihr is shifting up a gear by expanding its activities in rider gear. Besides France, the country where the company was created in 1975, and Spain, where it has one of its largest distribution centers, the company is now developing the German market to become a truly pan-European supplier. After completion of the targeted expansion, Bihr wants to go on developing its strengths: short delivery periods and a wide product choice that is constantly being adapted to new and changing customer demands.


In it for the long haul

Since 1952, IPSAM Technology nv has been manufacturing customized vacuum trucks for cleaning up liquid waste ranging from septic material and sewage, to fats, oils and chemicals. Based in Belgium, IPSAM trucks can be found throughout Europe, the Middle East and beyond.


How to benefit from new owners

It is a European leader in metal surface treatment services with a strong focus on the automotive sector. With operations across Europe and global ambitions, Electropoli SA is now venturing into China – with the help of its new owners, a Chinese investment platform and a French private equity fund. This way, the company is not only getting closer to its customers but also improving environmental standards in the Chinese surface treatment sector. At the same time, the dynamically evolving French enterprise is strengthening its position in Eastern Europe.


Engineering Industry 4.0

The automotive sector is at the vanguard of new technology. Topics such as electromobility or self-driving technology are never far from the headlines. But it is not just the end product that is being influenced by new thinking and new approaches. Car-makers are early adopters of Industry 4.0 so that engineering processes used in manufacturing are as cutting edge as it gets. Italian process engineering specialist C.A.A.R. SpA in Turin is one of the leading proponents of Industry 4.0-compatible design. It partners with many of the leading automotive brands to lead the way in high-tech engineering design.


Tackling the elements

Norway’s Nordic climate is no stranger to extreme weather patterns: strong winds, unruly seas, as well as heavy snow and rainfall. In order to cope with the elements, Øveraasen AS has developed a range of professional grade, state-of-the-art snow removal equipment for the freeing of streets, railroad tracks and airports following inclement weather. Its heavy-duty machinery makes easy work out of clearing in even the harshest conditions, allowing people to continue their daily lives unobstructed. Øveraasen’s snow removal systems are not only geared toward Norwegian infrastructure, but also actively serve transportation authorities in various countries across the globe, including the US, Russia and China.


Supplying professionals with the tools of the trade

Professional workers rely on professional tools to carry out their work to the highest possible standards. Meccanocar Italia S.r.l. is a trading and distribution company that specializes in the supply of tools and consumables for the automotive, truck, metalworking and manufacturing sectors. Its flexible organization and reliable logistics allow it to add value to an extensive product range encompassing more than 30,000 catalogue items.

Interview with Alexander Zosel, Cofounder and Chief Innovation Advisor of Volocopter GmbH

“Urban Air Mobility”: The future of mobility is in the air

Board the aircraft and leave traffic behind you: With Volocopter, that is not a problem anymore. It is designed to replace conventional taxis in the future and cover short distances in large cities autonomously. Why the multicopter has only been underway with a pilot so far, what Daimler has to do with the company and what exactly is behind the trend of urban air mobility – Alexander Zosel, Cofounder and Chief Innovation Advisor of Volocopter GmbH, reveals all that in an interview.


Making life easier

It is in a rather traditional line of business but among the fastest evolving competitors in the sector: Oy Karleby Limetec Ab aims to grow by 40% this year and by another 30% in 2020. The Finnish manufacturer of trailers and related transport solutions has ambitious growth plans and is increasingly expanding beyond Scandinavia to the rest of Europe. Its strengths lie in genuinely customer-specific vehicles and special solutions that make life easier, such as doors that open to the side or roofs that can be opened by remote control from the driver’s cabin.


Strong basis for growth

Samvardhana Motherson Group (SMG) is one of the most dynamically evolving automotive suppliers in the world. In the last ten years alone, it has more than quadrupled its turnover. The India-based Group has been able to sustain strong growth through horizontal and vertical integration across its various businesses, augmenting the Group’s ability to become a fullsystem solutions provider.

Interview with Jona Christians, Founder and CEO of Sono Motors GmbH

Range anxiety – a common prejudice

How can long charging cycles be avoided and the range of electric vehicles extended? The Munich-based company Sono Motors wants to solve the problem by using integrated solar power modules. European Business spoke to Founder and CEO Jona Christians about his innovative vehicle, the advantages of cooperation with established players – and the conscious decision not to jump immediately on the self-driving bandwagon.


A trailer for every transport mode

With transport demands soaring and more and more truck traffic on Europe’s roads, individual solutions for special trailers are required to manage the transport of goods. SVAN Chrudim s.r.o. designs and manufactures individual trailers and chassis for various transport modes, producing about 300 units per year that facilitate the transport of various road cargo, timber, construction and industrial machinery, cargo containers and agricultural machinery, and demand has been gaining momentum.


Italian passion for German cars

Italy is not only synonymous with the most tempting pasta und exquisite fashion but also with cars, as it is home of such famous names as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini. A love of cars is almost mandatory among Italians. Calogero Pedalà would probably completely agree with this statement. Being a veritable car aficionado, he founded L’Auto SpA. This way he got the opportunity to do what he does best and what he loves most: dealing with cars – German cars.


How a smile leads to success

The customer is king. This simple yet true motto has led many companies to success. However, especially in the retail sector, many firms and their employees forget how important it is to be friendly and to show customers a genuine smile that makes them feel welcome. Renord S.p.A. based in Sesto San Giovanni and Milan has always put its customers first, developing from a small workshop to a leading car dealer in the Province of Milan. The company represents the brands Renault, Nissan and Dacia at five retail shops and has become a preferred partner of its clients due to its close attention to the demands of customers.


Where rubber meets the road

Choosing the right tyre for your geographical location and one that fits you as a driver can lead to hours of research. If you choose wrong, your vehicle may not operate optimally and your safety could be compromised. Nokian Tyres s.r.o., based in Prague, has over 100 years of experience in the tyre business. Let them help you get the best tyre for your individual needs.


Moving people for faster takeoff

Flying has never been more popular, and more passengers than ever pass through airports all over the world every day. While this is great news for airports and airlines, planes only make money when they are in the air. This poses a significant challenge for those whose job it is to get travellers from check-in to their airplane seat in the shortest possible time. COBUS INDUSTRIES GmbH, based in Wiesbaden, Germany, has the solution to this problem, at least for the journey from the terminal to the aircraft or vice versa. Its renowned passenger transfer buses are in daily use around the world.


Breaking all records in no time

Today the most renowned Korean car brand worldwide, the history of Kia began in 1944 when the company was founded as a moped manufacturer and later turned to producing cars for the local market. More recently, Kia entered the worldwide market and became a global player within an incredibly short space of time, which Michael Cole, COO of Kia Motors Europe GmbH, Kia’s Frankfurt-based subsidiary and European business headquarters, recognizes. “The company continues to develop at a phenomenal rate,” he enthuses. For good reason: With a great price-performance ratio, excellent customer service and award-winning design, Kia is on its way to achieving a top position, and not only in the European market.

Interview with Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Board of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG

Racing to pole position of e-mobility

Digital transformation is changing the fundamentals of countless sectors, and the automotive industry has not been left untouched. When combined with the strive for greater sustainability, the result is the development of hybrid and electric vehicles that are less reliant on fossil fuels, if at all. In the world of automobiles, the name Porsche is often equated with jealousy-inducing, high-performance sports cars, but the company’s roots actually lie in engineering and design. With this foundation, the carmaker is well prepared to meet and exceed the challenges that digital transformation presents, as Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, reveals in an interview with European Business.