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LEVS designs with local spirit

In order to create residential areas that feel pleasant for a long time to come, every urban planning project requires a dedicated approach. One has to enter into a relationship with the local people and surroundings, in order to find the optimal sustainable solution. The project teams of LEVS architecten are always looking for specific answers that suit a particular situation. They work on residential and urban planning projects in The Netherlands and other Western European countries as well as in Russia and rural Africa. The company is based in a former harbour area in Amsterdam and has 40 employees.


Smooth transaction thanks to effective change management

Mergers and acquisitions are commonplace, but while the initial proposition may seem attractive to the parties involved, what happens after the deal is done is decisive in determining its long-term success. In 2019, the KISSLING Group, a German specialist in switching solutions, was acquired by TE Connectivity to form TE Connectivity KISSLING Products GmbH. The company's subsequent focus on effective integration will ensure that this particular acquisition fulfils its potential.

Lemar B.V.

Above and beyond distribution

Companies in the EU have had the benefit of an integrated European market for decades now. It has provided many opportunities to take products that have been successful in one market, and transplant them in new, untapped markets. To make this happen, you need a company willing to help you break in, like Lemar BV, a distributor of responsible food brands in the Netherlands.

Jura Sweden AB

Love hygge? Try fika!

Everybody is talking about hygge these days, but only a few are familiar with fika, the Scandinavian way to take a coffee break. Surprisingly, people in the Nordic countries drink more coffee than anyone in the world, even the Italians. Good coffee and good coffee machines are of utmost importance for a relaxed fika – coffee machines from Jura Sweden AB for instance.

Interview with Mike Schaefers, Vice President & General Manager, Global Pharma, at West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

Creating Value in Drug Delivery

West Pharmaceutical Services is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality packaging, containment and delivery systems for injectable drugs. Every day, more than 100 million units of the company’s stoppers and seals, syringe and cartridge components, and self-injection systems are used worldwide. European Business talked to Mike Schaefers, Vice President & General Manager, Global Pharma, at the US-based group about a market with large growth potential and the guiding principle of offering value in drug delivery.


Seeing the light in product picking

Order picking: The process of finding and selecting products in a warehouse to fulfil customer orders. In theory a simple concept, but the reality is that it is often a complex and costly activity, and one which, if not conducted accurately and effectively, can heavily impact overall customer satisfaction. German engineering company KBS Industrieelektronik GmbH is a specialist in the design and manufacture of order picking systems, with a particular focus on Pick-by-Light technology, and provides top-class solutions to a broad range of high-profile clients around the world.

Interview with Christopher Licht, COO, and Murat Bas, CEO of CELEBI Cargo GmbH

Ups and downs in air cargo handling

Natural disasters, embargoes, and war: The international trade market is volatile. Even minor issues can escalate and have a catastrophic impact for traders and their suppliers. With routes worldwide, the airfreight sector is particularly vulnerable, and only those companies with a clear strategy to manage the risks will survive. CELEBI Cargo GmbH, based at Germany’s largest airport, Frankfurt am Main, is one such success story. European Business spoke with CEO Murat Bas and COO Christopher Licht about challenges and success strategies in the cargo handling sector.


It’s teamwork: Premium IP Management Support

Teamwork, cross-functional activities and a sense of wide-ranging responsibility – these are assets that are both expected and characteristic of the Unycom team. Founded in 2000, the company based in Graz, Austria, has increased its staff from four to 90 and developed its product range accordingly. Today it offers a broad spectrum of IP Management solutions and additional services for companies all over the world. A member of the CPA Global Organization since 2019, Unycom GmbH ranks as the premium software provider for IP experts in Europe, and a trusted partner who helps to solve the specific challenges of corporate IP departments.

Interview with Michel Féraud, Founder and Managing Director of Provepharm Life Solutions SAS

Vitalizing molecules for innovative human health solutions

Effective human health solutions: A continual quest and one for which there are many different strategies. Molecule vitalization, which turns existing molecules into new treatments is one approach. French concern Provepharm Life Solutions SAS, headquartered in Marseille, is one of the world’s leading players in molecule vitalization. European Business spoke with Founder and Managing Director Michel Féraud to find out what the term means in practice and how the world benefits from the company’s activities.


A grand vision for a grand hotel

For 700 years, water has bubbled up from an underground spring and cascaded through the Tamina Gorge in Switzerland at a constant temperature of 36.5°C. How kind of nature to supply bathing water at the perfect temperature for human enjoyment. Although it was first discovered by huntsmen in 1242 and bath houses were first erected in 1350, it was not until the railway first reached Ragaz further down the valley that “taking the waters” there really took off. Today, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz AG presides over a portfolio that includes a 5-star hotel, health spa, casino and medical centre; all of which are only here today because of a 700-year-old thermal spring.


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LEVS designs with local spirit

In order to create residential areas that feel pleasant for a long time to come, every urban planning project requires a dedicated approach. One has to enter into a relationship with the local people and surroundings, in order to find the optimal sustainable solution. The project teams of LEVS architecten are always looking for specific answers that suit a particular situation. They work on residential and urban planning projects in The Netherlands and other Western European countries as well as in Russia and rural Africa. The company is based in a former harbour area in Amsterdam and has 40 employees.

Interview with Johannes Kwizda, Member of the Management Team of Kwizda Group

How to walk the line between innovation and tradition

Passion fosters entrepreneurial succes – this statement is the perfect opening line for our interview with Johannes Kwizda, Member of the Management Team at Kwizda Group. The Austrian company ranks among the leading conglomerates in the country with its strong focus on healthcare, agricultural products and construction materials. European Business talked to Mr. Kwizda about the continued rise of the Austrian family business and how it manages to keep the delicate balance between honouring past tradition and looking to the future.


Green and viable: why construction companies are building modular

Construction accounts for much of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, but it is ever more necessary to house growing populations. New solutions are needed to reconcile the need to construct with the need to protect the environment. Additionally, inside spaces, especially in areas where land is at a premium, are required to be increasingly flexible, and adaptable to the changing needs of inhabitants. One of the most innovative responses to these challenges has been through investment in modular building techniques. Its forward thinking in this area has propelled Jan Snel to market leader.


How to combine craftsmanship with digital technologies

It is a family business through and through: Managed by the third and fourth generations, Bouwbedrijf M.J. de Nijs en Zonen B.V. has successfully completed many outstanding buildings, including the EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam, the national film museum of the Netherlands, and the Hermitage Amsterdam in Amsterdam, a local offshoot of the renowned The State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg. In business for almost a century, the company perfectly combines quality craftsmanship with advanced digital technology and a low environmental footprint.


Rising to the top in a vertical world

The world is growing tall. As suitably sized building plots become scarce, skyscrapers are springing up around the globe to meet the housing needs of the growing population and the space requirements of expanding businesses. Their construction, however, presents major challenges. How do you lift heavy building materials to the top of a 300 m building? Czech company STROS – Sedlčanské strojírny, a.s. has the answer. The company specializes in temporary and permanent external lifting solutions to suit a multitude of situations.


Platforms perfected with experience

When it comes to designing new tools, no one is in a better position to know what is really needed than someone who has actually been a hands-on exponent. This was the starting point for Pierino Bravi’s successful manufacturing firm BRAVIISOL D.M. S.R.L. Mr. Bravi spent over 20 years installing thermal and acoustic insulation, and understood the challenges of accessing high and hard-to-reach areas in comfort and safety. He started building mobile work platforms for his own use, before turning these into a commercial venture. Today, his platforms are in demand by customers across the world.


Building a more sustainable future together

The construction industry is always expanding and changing. Alongside the commercial building industry, the DIY sector has been steadily on the rise for over a decade. The Berdal Group, headquartered in the Netherlands, has been a leading producer, supplier and private-label specialist of synthetic and rubber-based products for the past 45 years. The firm is also active in the creation of a range of products that uses technical membranes and waterproofing construction membranes.

Interview with Claus Pfeiffer, Managing Director of Pfeiffer Bauplanung u. Hallenbau GmbH

How to build competitive advantage

It is a pioneer in residential steel construction and one of a handful of companies in the sector offering free, advance services including 3D drawings and calculations. Pfeiffer Bauplanung u. Hallenbau GmbH is an Austrian steel and industrial construction firm that covers the entire value chain, from consulting and planning to structural engineering and technical execution. Managing Director Claus Pfeiffer told EUROPEAN business how to build competitive advantage in a challenging sector that is characterized by ever shorter project deadlines and a dramatically growing skills shortage.


Building a sustainable future

Consultants play a very important role in construction projects. They help plan and design the project, as well as act as a link between client and contractor. Exengo Installationskonsult AB, located in Stockholm, has experienced employees, in many specialized areas, who are ready to help customers with various wants and needs.


The perfect finish for roofs

Clay tiles have been used to protect buildings from the elements for millennia. Even today, tiles are what define the roofscapes of towns and villages across Europe. While clay has traditionally been the material of choice and is still one of the most popular building materials, it has since been joined by more modern materials such as concrete. Tile specialist CREATON South-East Europe Kft. in Hungary produces and distributes tens of millions of roof tiles each year along with a complete range of finishing and decorative elements. Its wide range of materials and finishes mean that customers are guaranteed to find a solution to their specific needs.


Raising the world to the highest level

It is one of the most exciting roof installations worldwide: the SkyPark Observation Deck at the top of the Marina Bay Sands luxury hotel in Singapore, which opened in 2011. At a height of 200 m, it offers flowering gardens, wonderful swimming pools and spectacular views. The pedestals for the rooftop deck were supplied by Buzon Pedestal International s.a., the global leader in terrace support systems.

Interview with Dagmar-Fritz-Kramer, Managing Director of Bau-Fritz GmbH & Co. KG

Good for people and planet

It is the strong desire to build houses differently – more environmentally-friendly, more sustainably and more in tune with nature. Bau-Fritz GmbH & Co KG in Erkheim, Bavaria has been designing and building pre-fabricated timber frame houses that have won prizes for their stylish design and their use of natural, environmentally-friendly and reusable materials. Bau-Fritz’s Managing Director Dagmar Fritz-Kramer represents the fourth generation of the Fritz family.


Competence in steel

The new train station in Lodz won the steel construction award in 2017 thanks to its exceptional design and steel construction. It was designed and built by Zekon Sp. z. o.o., the Polish subsidiary of the international Zeman Group from Austria. Since the 1990s, Zekon has built up a reputation as one of the most innovative manufacturers of steel constructions. The company is the only Polish manufacturer and supplier of SIN beams, which are renowned for their low weight and wide spans. In the coming years, Zekon will strengthen its focus on SIN beams still further.


Facing new challenges

Time is money. This simple and yet true proverb from Benjamin Franklin applies to various industries, among them the building sector, where projects often need to be carried out as fast as possible. Working under time pressure is one of the many strengths of Oger International SA, a French project management and engineering company with headquarters in Saint-Ouen.


Reducing the housing shortage

In many German cities, there is a growing need for affordable accommodation. This is no different in Böblingen, a dynamically evolving town in central Baden-Württemberg, about 20 km southwest of Stuttgart. In the year of its 50th anniversary, the city’s housing association, Böblinger Baugesellschaft mbH, is intensifying its efforts to counteract the housing shortage through large-scale urban development projects.


Dreams become reality

Lightweight structures have long held a firm position in architecture. Against the background of growing ecopolitical awareness and competitive pressure, the method is gaining popularity as it allows for considerable savings in terms of materials, energy and costs. SL Rasch GmbH based in Leinfelden-Echterdingen in southern Germany is a much sought-after expert worldwide when it comes to lightweight structures with innovative control technology.


Bouncing back from the brink

For companies dealing in high-value contracts, fortunes can be determined by just one order. For German manufacturer Christen & Laudon GmbH, this was the case in 2017 when a large, unpaid contract in Africa forced the firm into administration. Through sheer hard work, the company managed to turn the situation around, lift the threat of insolvency, and is now anticipating a bright future.


Building a future based on trust and reliability

The housing markets in Germany and Austria are driven by owneroccupiers building their own homes rather than buying and selling existing ones. On the other hand, local governments keep especially in the cities rents to the same extend affordable due to social building avtivities. Standing by the side of house builders is turnkey building contractor ELK Fertighaus GmbH in Schrems, Austria.


Building a family legacy

Founded in 1990, Crea Haus Constructions is a family-owned and operated company that specializes in building and renovating homes and residences in the heart of Luxembourg. The business had humble beginnings as a local property office, but quickly evolved into the full-service development enterprise that it is today. Crea Haus Constructions now employs 40 employees and builds around 40 free-standing houses and up to 80 apartments annually. Regardless of the style or specifications, Crea Haus Constructions has the capacity to realize a broad spectrum of dwellings, each individualized to fit the needs of its customers.


The whole picture

Coordinating between the various stakeholders, trades and services involved in property development is one of the biggest headaches of any construction project. WasaGroup Oy in Finland has the soothing balm to this particular headache as the only company in Finland with the capacity to offer in-house services at every stage of the property development lifecycle. The company started life in 1996 in the classic way, focusing exclusively on construction, but has since added multiple strings to its bow that now make it uniquely qualified to oversee industrial, commercial and public building projects of all kinds.