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A master in microtechnology

The semiconductor industry is increasingly important. One key stage in the production of chips is testing the integrated circuits on the wafer, a process called wafer probing. ERS electronic GmbH was founded 50 years ago to develop thermal chucks, which hold the wafer in place while allowing for thermal testing. It was a revolutionary development at the time, and while this kind of testing is now relatively mainstream, the company is still the global market leader in thermal chucks. ERS electronic GmbH is headquartered in Germering, near Munich, and offers both standard and customized solutions.


Just the perfect display

There is hardly any area of life that can do without them: Displays presenting information in visual form have become everyday items and are found in household appliances, high-tech production units as well as in machinery and measuring devices. Its strong focus on displays in all their facets has made DMB Technics AG, the Swiss developer and supplier of elaborate display solutions for household appliances, medicine technology and machining, a frontrunner in this market segment. Swiss perfection and precision are still trademarks that are highly appreciated all around the world.


Meeting the connectivity challenge

Connecting the unconnected is not just a slogan, but a promise of Newtec Cy N.V.. Headquartered in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, the pioneer of satellite communications makes internet connection possible in remote and difficult-to-reach places. With three billion people still unconnected in Africa, South America and South East Asia, Newtec is on a mission to make the world a more informed and connected place. At the same time, the company is dedicated to creating new possibilities through ground segment innovation, technologies and solutions.


Growing data on farming

When Emmanuel Vauqelin founded Latitude GPS in 1997, he turned his fascination for new technologies into his own entrepreneurial venture. He made sure that farmers receive accurate data for declarations in line with EU funding requirements under the Common Agricultural Policy, and also enabled the optimization of cultivation through the use of GPS. Today, he is a renowned specialist and innovation has become his trademark.


A culture of service in printed circuit boards

Cooperation with customers in design, development and production of printed circuit boards rather than mass commodities, tailor-made solutions instead of catalogue supplies – that is what Eleprint Srl is all about. The PCB specialist from Montevecchia is a member of the globally operating Elemaster Group, a leader in high-tech electronic equipment. From double-sided circuits to circuits with up to 28 layers, Eleprint masters all PCB types and is able to handle all materials.


Reliable connections

A train communication network is the infrastructure that enables the exchange of information throughout the train. Over time, the ethernet bus technology has gained more and more popularity and is increasingly used as an essential part of a train communication network as it provides larger bandwidth and more flexible networks. VDS Rail Srl is a much sought-after partner when it comes to reliable and innovative on-board networking ethernet devices.


How to make smart technology affordable

It started as a distributor of lighting products 25 years ago. Today, it is blazing the trail for competitively priced, energy-efficient smart home solutions in France. STARLIGHT SAS is a dynamically evolving, medium-sized enterprise that is revolutionizing the way, home automation works. What distinguishes the company’s systems from competitors’ products is not primarily their first-rate technology but their outstanding affordability.


Smaller yet better: Connecting electronics

For many years, the philosophy of ‘bigger is better’ could be applied to many products and areas of industry. Today, however, the reverse is often true, particularly in the field of electronics; devices, and consequently their components, are constantly decreasing in size, demanding higher levels of precision and quality. French company Nicomatic SA is a specialist in the field of micro-connectors, and is embracing the trend for miniaturization.


Climate in control

Chronothermostats are used for the time-controlled, energy-efficient management of heating or air-conditioning systems in private, commercial and industrial buildings. Vemer S.p.A. is specialized in these very helpful products, which the Italian company supplies to customers in Europe and Northern Africa. Besides chronothermostats, the medium-sized enterprise offers more than 1,000 other highly engineered electronic devices that help save energy and enhance safety.

Interview with Eva Gouwens, CEO at Fairphone

175,000 sold Fairphones: Sending a strong signal to the industry

The Fairphone 2 is sold out – this is the latest news from the Dutch company Fairphone, which hit the headlines with its ecological, sustainable and modular approach on smartphones thereby creating an alternative to the common market players. European Business talked to CEO Ewa Gouwens about the past, present and especially the future of Fairphone.


Secure and individual

The market for access control solutions is becoming more and more digital, with security doors and gates connected through the Internet of Things. One of the trailblazers of this development is SERFA SAS, a dynamically evolving family business which genuinely caters to its customers’ individual demands.