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Food & Drinks

Interview with Jean-Christophe Radouan, Managing Director of Société Nouvelle des Douceurs de Jacquemart

A biscuit with a story to tell

Every country has its own food specialties, some sweet and some savoury. They are usually the things that migrants miss most when they move to another country for work. In the case of the Italian migrants who settled in Romans-sur-Isère in France in the 19th century, it was their much-loved Italian jam-filled biscuits. However, just as the people adapt to their new home, so too do their imported food specialties. Today, Société Nouvelle des Douceurs de Jacquemart continues to bake the traditional Lunettes de Romans, created when two cultures met. European Business talked to Managing Director Jean-Christophe Radouan about the birth of a Dauphinoise tradition.

Teutoburger Ölmühle GmbH

Heart-healthy oils produced in an environment-friendly process

The coronavirus crisis has focused minds like no other crisis before it. Most importantly, it has come as a wake-up call that, amongst other things, more sustainable business practices and an increased respect for the environment must inform decision making in the future. These twin imperatives already formed the basis for the creation in 2000 of Teutoburger Ölmühle GmbH in Ibbenbüren, a former mining town in northern Germany. European Business talked to Managing Director Gerd Beilke about the company’s vision for a sustainable and organic future for cooking oil production.

Interview with Jouko Prami, Interim CEO and CFO of Leader Foods Oy

When bars boost business

The boldness to try new things and the belief that anything is possible have laid the foundation for Leader Foods Oy, the number one manufacturer of deluxe snack and protein bars in Finland. Its new protein bar made of crickets is not just a PR stunt but a new way of introducing a nutritious and sustainable source of protein to consumers. Lately, Leader’s new protein snack bar has become another example of the company’s ability to launch products that are healthy and taste good. And it is not just the Finnish consumer who loves Leader bars.

SodaStream Nordics AB

Less waste, more sparkle

SodaStream has been putting sparkle into tap water since 1903 and continues to break new ground in the beverage market today. Its innovative approach to the problem of plastic waste coupled with a focus on healthy products are what encouraged its takeover by global soft drinks giant Pepsico in 2018. Since October of last year in Norway and in Sweden, SodaStream owners have been able to make iconic Pepsi beverages such as Pepsi, Pepsi Max and 7UP at home.

Lemar B.V.

Above and beyond distribution

Companies in the EU have had the benefit of an integrated European market for decades now. It has provided many opportunities to take products that have been successful in one market, and transplant them in new, untapped markets. To make this happen, you need a company willing to help you break in, like Lemar BV, a distributor of responsible food brands in the Netherlands.


Tasty drinks for the old and young alike

Whether going out for the night with friends, attending a child’s birthday party or just relaxing at home, the right drink can help make every activity that much better. Lasso Drinks, founded in 2003 in Finland, has a product for every type of customer at any age. The company is able to serve everyone through its in-house brands and imports. With over 50 varieties of different drinks, Lasso is sure to have the right beverage for every moment. Here’s to great memories with a twist of a top or a pop of a cap.

Europvin S.A.S.

Enjoy the best wines from the Old World

Great Bordeaux wines and lovely sherries are loved by European wine connoisseurs, but they are equally in demand as far away as the USA, Japan or China. For Europvin S.A.S., it has always been an affair of the heart to export wines from the finest French and Spanish wineries to customers abroad. As a dedicated wine trader, the company uses its extensive knowledge on wines and on logistics and marketing to guarantee smooth shipping at any time.


Fast food, finest quality

Fast food does not have the best reputation, but in some cases this is completely undeserved. For some suppliers, quality is everything. Berlin-based kebab and fast-food producer Kap-Lan Dönerproduktion GmbH is one of those companies for whom quality and taste really matter. With a range of mouth-watering products, Kap-Lan’s food has been tempting the taste buds of German and international consumers for almost 30 years.


Bread with soul

Focaccia, Ciabatta, Pane Toscana, Pane Carasau – Italy is not only famous for the most delicious pizza and pasta but also for a great variety of bread. Bread has a long tradition in the country and rarely is there a meal that does not include bread. Rome opened up a bakery school in the first century AD, and today Italians still have high standards for bread. Rossetto Srl in Mazzè perfectly represents the tradition of making high-quality bread and other Italian treats with soul.


A company flexing muscles

Well-balanced nutrition is essential – for everyone. When it comes to sports enthusiasts, things get a bit more challenging. A number of factors contribute to success in sports, and diet is a key component. Maintaining the right diet has many benefits to athletes in terms of performance, strength and recovery. Athletes who do not want to take any risks when it comes to nutrition rely on the healthy yet delicious products from Weider Germany GmbH in Hamburg.


The perfect combination of taste, price and nutritional value

A healthy mix of nutrients makes muesli one of the best options for all those who want a delicious, easy-to-prepare breakfast in the morning. In fact, muesli is one of those versatile foods that can be eaten at any time of the day: it is quick, tasty and very healthy. Consumers who value purely natural, qualitatively safe products of high nutritional value appreciate the muesli and porridge varieties made by DETMERS Getreide-Vollwertkost GmbH in Bielefeld, Germany.