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Materials & Materials Processing

Interview with Dr. Christian Neuner, CEO of FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH

Get the job done right

‘You are only as good as the tools you use’. This saying has been around for many years and has lost none of its significance. There are many reasons why using the correct tool for the job is crucial. Every tool is designed for a specific purpose which is essential to getting a job done successfully. That is why FLEX tools are the first choice for many people all around the world. They meet the most diverse requirements perfectly – and have distinctive names such as ‘Giraffe’ or ‘Okapi’.


The quick and easy way to cover books of all kinds

In the 20 years since CoLibrì System SpA was founded by Aldo Farnetti and co-founder Paolo Valle to market a system to cover books with a protective film, more than 340 million books have been protectively swathed by CoLibrì’s products. This makes the Italian company the European leader in this particular niche. However, the company’s success is due not just to its absolute technical leadership but also to its early adoption of a widespread export strategy. The company has five sales offices in key markets and more than 40 sales and distribution partners worldwide. Innovation and diversification cement its dominance still further.


The beauty of durable wood and eco-friendliness

For decades, science has been in awe of woods as vibrant communities, in which trees and other species interact in various ways and older trees nurture younger ones to support their growth. As these insights lead to more responsible forestry and many people recognize wood as a renewable building material, the question arises how sustainable the next step can be. How can we make sure that wood will endure weather conditions for a long time, and how can we do this in an eco-friendly way? Thermory AS from Estonia has the answer and offers strikingly beautiful and durable ash and pine timber that will last for over 20 years.


Unity and diversity: a route to success in metalwork

The secret of a successful company is its people: A cliché that is often used to support a somewhat glib corporate value, but is in many cases a concept that is not reflected in the way firms support and recognize their employees’ commitment and skills. Sometimes though, the cliché actually matches the reality. Together with his team, Taha Omri, founder and owner of Italian industrial metalworking company Omi-Fer S.r.l., has built a diverse organization that genuinely understands the value of its employees, and whose success is down to the dedication of the Omi-Fer ‘family’.


Adapting to industrial challenges with Industry 4.0

It is all change for Team Plastique in Châteaubriant, France. The company is gearing up for a change in management and ownership with new CEO Régis Sauvion already in post and the handover from company founder Didier Elin well underway. At the same time, the company is growing strongly; so much so that plans for the construction of a new production unit that is due to come online by the end of 2020 are also well advanced.


From supplier to material designer

High-precision machining requires thorough know-how and experience. Looking at the Swiss high-precision market, known for its excellence in watchmaking and machining, it does not surprise that Dynatec, a classical Swiss company, has established itself as an expert in high-precision machining with a focus on synthetic materials and metals. The company offers the complete product cycle, from design and production to distribution, to key industries like watchmaking, machining, medical technologies and aeronautics.


A premium plastics partner

A company that has been growing steadily over decades, in a fiercely competitive market such as the plastics industry and even in times of economic crisis, is hard to find. However, it exists. Poplast Srl in Castel San Giovanni is a flexible-plastic packaging manufacturer that constantly grows in terms of products, revenues, markets and technologies. The key driving force? A passion for plastics innovation. The mission? To bring innovation to the whole plastics sector.


Strong roots

Forestry, when conducted according to appropriate standards, is by no means equivalent to deforestation. On the contrary, it aides the forest’s healthy development and thus helps support its eco system. In Belgium, Huet Bois SA is a provider of high-quality wood and wooden products from locally and responsibly sourced material.


Getting genuinely involved

Lamination is a manufacturing technology whereby different materials are permanently assembled to achieve enhanced durability, strength or other desired properties. Examples include laminate flooring, front windshields and plastic-laminated photographs. A recognized expert in this multifaceted production method is Texla N.V. As its customers’ full-service lamination partner, the family enterprise gets involved along the entire value chain, from the basic engineering to the finished product.