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Fishing in international waters

The Dutch have always been a seafaring nation, building up a significant trading empire that spanned the globe at its 17th century height. While its imperial past is now consigned to history, the fruits of its strong relationship with the sea continue to be enjoyed. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the beating heart of the fish-loving Netherlands, van Meines Vis BV has been supplying high-quality fish and seafood products to the hotel, restaurant and catering sector for over 50 years. For the past five years, the company has also targeted the retail sector, a move that has led to the construction of a new processing plant.


Task force for aircraft engines

The biggest companies do not always offer the largest advantages. This is particularly true of the aircraft industry where profit is only made when planes are in the air. When it comes to maintenance, competence is, of course, critical but response times and flexibility are also extremely important and smaller specialist companies are often able to respond quicker than the huge concerns. With twenty one staff Central European Engine Services Sp. z o.o. (CEES) is one such example, and prides itself on its ability to offer customers top quality aircraft engine maintenance, repair and overhaul services in Poland, Europe and around the world.


Let there be light

We often take for granted the impact the invention of the incandescent bulb, most often credited to Thomas Edison, has had on society as it spread around the globe. The groundbreaking technology touched every aspect of life, improving the safety of city streets, allowing companies to operate around the clock and extending the evening in homes. Little wonder that the invention spread like wildfire, spawning new companies. In Sweden, for example, in order to meet the growing demand for high quality lighting solutions, a company called Lumalampan was founded to produce the technology in 1930. Fifty years later, in 1980, the same company realised it would benefit its customers best by developing long-lasting lightbulbs. With this change of focus came a change of name, and Aura Light International AB was established. Under the ownership of Aura Group AB, Aura Light continues to operate out of its headquarters in Solna, near Stockholm, providing the highest quality lighting possible to its customers.

Assessio International AB

On a mission to stop the global talent waste

Interviews are not the most effective way to determine if a candidate is right for a job. The most effective ways are tests and work samples, as has been established in numerous studies. The problem is that, although we know this, many still use the old ways of recruiting such as CVs and interviews. Assessio International was founded in Sweden in 1954 to publish tests and research into psychological testing for vocational, clinical and educational purposes. Today, it offers its expertise to recruiters around the world as a highly respected publisher of Den Norske Veritas-certified psychological tests and as HR consultants.


The clear choice of architects

Whether functional or fashionable, coloured or clear, glass plays a major role in our lives. Aside from protecting us from the elements while giving us a view of the outdoors and letting in light, glass has become a high-tech component of many buildings, for example by offering UV protection. Architects also integrate glass into the design of their buildings as a decorative element. Sunglass srl, based in Villafranca Padovana, Italy, has made glass its core business and has risen to the clear choice of celebrity architects all over the world.


Advertising at the point of sale

Amid increasing competition from online channels, advertising at the point of sale has become even more important. Large-format advertising can attract the attention of customers and have a positive influence on their purchasing decisions. Cidi Groupe based in Courcouronnes, France, offers large-format textile advertising spaces.


Sweet as honey

Ten beehives and the desire to do things differently – that was the beginning of Imkerij de Traay B.V. almost 40 years ago. This original idea is still alive in a company that has developed and grown with time. Today, Imkerij de Traay offers not only sustainable honey from its 150 hives, but also a wide portfolio of special, imported honeys and natural sweeteners as well as a range of cosmetics.


Three technologies for three markets

Connectivity is all-important for businesses today, and there is an ever-increasing demand for faster and more powerful solutions. Active in the field for more than a century, the Swiss company HUBER+SUHNER AG operates globally as an expert in components and systems for electrical and optical data transfer, and is well-known as an innovative force in connectivity. The German branch HUBER+SUHNER GmbH contributes significantly to the global success.


From nursing home to hospital

Italy’s Servizio Sanitario Nazionale has provided generations of Italians with a good standard of universally accessible health services. Technical advances and demographic trends have helped to extend the average life expectancy. However, the system is today facing new challenges. The country’s financial crisis has hit the health sector hard. Ospedale Pederzoli SpA in Peschiera del Garda is well aware of the new economical and ethical challenges. The health institution has successfully developed from a nursing home to a modern hospital.


In the world of fireplaces and ovens

Can there be anything cosier in winter but sitting in front of a fireplace, sipping a nice glass of wine or hot drink and cuddle up in a soft blanket. No wonder, that especially in those countries that are not blessed with a long and warm summer a fireplace or an oven is a must, not only to heat up the house but also to create a well-being atmosphere. Goldkamin Kft. based in Kisújszállás in Hungary is a specialist in fireplaces and ovens. Recognizing the growing awareness for responsible energy consumption, the company continuously works on innovations. At present, water-heating register systems are a key issue at Goldkamin.


How a clear focus pays off

Dietary supplements such as multivitamins have become a growing market worldwide, as more and more people invest in their health. As a manufacturer of dietary supplements and softgel capsules with complex formulations, Ayanda GmbH with headquarters in Pritzwalk, Germany, is part of this development.


Extra strength and hardness

Ferrovanadium (FeV) is a ferroalloy consisting of iron and vanadium, a hard, silvery gray, ductile and malleable transition metal. It is mainly used to produce specialty steel alloys such as high-speed tool steels that need to provide extra strength and hardness. One of the main producers of ferrovanadium is EVRAZ Nikom, a.s. in the Czech Republic, a member of the EVRAZ Group, one of the largest vertically integrated steel and mining businesses in the world.


An ally in separation – a Hungarian company provides multinational services

Water is one of the world’s most valuable resources, and because it is used in countless industries, its impeccable treatment is essential to ensure that the water can be reused safely. Without treatment, the water might contain chemicals, heavy metals or other contaminants that are hazardous for human consumption. Budapest-based Allied Solutions Central Eastern Europe Ltd is a leader in applications of technologies for industrial and municipal waste water and effluent treatment, sludge treatment and drinking water purification. The company is also involved in numerous projects in many other sectors such as mining, mineral processing and the paper industry, where generally liquids and solids have to be separated.


Powering today and tomorrow

Batteries are much more than just small cylinders that keep your TV’s remote control working or flat packs that breathe life into your mobile phone. Today, batteries not only provide electrical power to any number of products but also store energy for use at a later time. This is extremely important, for instance, in the renewable energy sector, whose opponents often scoffed at the budding technology because of its unpredictability. Swiss company Leclanché SA is giving alternative energies the last laugh, however. The battery expert provides power storage solutions to ensure the lights do not go off tomorrow.


Powering a sustainable future

Power generation in a post-nuclear and post-fossil fuel age is one of the key challenges facing the world. Climate change and geopolitical tensions are forcing an increase in investment in alternatives. While wind and solar power offer the most environmentally sustainable option, they cannot meet demand fully. There will always be a need for fuel-based heat and power generation. The sustainable options here include waste-to-energy units and biomass plants. In a market leaning ever further towards renewable fuel sources, energy utilities are turning increasingly to companies like Leroux & Lotz Technologies SAS in France.


Creating connections

Social media is a relatively new concept, but it has already become such an essential part of the daily lives of billions of people that it is easy to forget how new it actually is. Individuals and businesses flock to social media because of the free interaction that occurs between people around the globe almost instantaneously. Massive Media Match NV gives people the freedom to interact in new ways, every day.


Pure creativity.

“What does a brand want to say? What does it stand for? How can we develop it further or realign it?” Bent Rosinski of Hamburg based advertising agency Lukas Lindemann Rosinski GmbH talks to European Business about how his agency thrives in an industry swamped by competitors and changing mediums, and how such questions drive its creativity.


Experts in energy

The traditional energy sector is facing enormous costs and a need for change. Political developments such as the German energy turnaround have accelerated these processes, and due to rising energy costs, customers are looking for alternatives. con|energy offers profound consultation, services and events regarding these topics.


Industrial parts cleaning for problem-free production

For manufacturers, producing their goods and developing new innovations for the market are clearly the top priority. This is where money is made and reputations established. There are, however, more mundane aspects of the manufacturing process, such as machine maintenance, which can be costly and time-consuming but are nevertheless essential for production efficiency and product quality. PERO AG is a leading global supplier of cleaning systems for industrial parts and, for over 60 years, has been partnering with customers to find optimum solutions to ensure problem-free production facilities the world over.


Harnessing the hydrogen in biomass

There is no denying that alternative energies are the key to our future, but harnessing their power proves difficult at times. Haffner Energy, based in Vitry-Le-François, is the kind of innovative company that will master the challenge and pave the way into that future. The energy expert engineers and produces plants that create hydrogen from biomass.