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Innovating sensitive control

Floor heating is one of the most comfortable ways to keep a room at a pleasant temperature. What more could one wish for than controlling its effect with a thermostat that is intuitively easy to use. OJ Electronics A/S is headquartered in Sønderborg, Denmark. The family-owned company is specialised in developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art thermostats for electric and hydronic underfloor heating, as well as controllers and power controls for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.


Early CBR threat detection

Biological and chemical warfare are outlawed by the Geneva Convention but the danger posed by terrorists, who recognise no such international laws, is one that must be addressed. So-called CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) detection systems provide early warning of such attacks and are a vital tool in national governments’ response to terrorist threats. Finnish company Environics Oy specialises in industrial gas detection and CBRN monitoring solutions that can be adapted and scaled to requirements. Founded in 1987, Environics is today the supplier of choice for industrial, government and military organisations worldwide.


A scientist and artist of sound

Sound is not just sound, and music is not just music. We all know that. The listening or hearing experience depends highly on the equipment you use. The joy of listening to a classical concert, for example, differs greatly depending on your loudspeakers but also on the recording equipment used. How does hearing actually work? What really happens in your ear when you hear? These questions are the basis and starting point of all new developments coming from the Sennheiser Group. The company calls itself a scientist and artist of sound with the brand motto “the pursuit of perfect sound.” The company is a specialist in transforming sound waves into electrical signals without losing anything and reconverting digital signals back to analogue, giving you the highest quality listening experience possible. Today, Sennheiser offers individual solutions for every important aspect of the recording, transmission and reproduction of sound, and is constantly working on the improvement of its products. “All our innovations are made with regard to sound quality, followed by aspects of comfort, user-friendliness and design,” says Hans Kortenhorst, managing director of Sennheiser Benelux in Almere. “We not only want our clients to hear all aspects of sound but enable them to feel and experience them, as well. Almost 70 years of experience, innovations and German engineering make this possible.”


Smarter and greener – a clever combination

Future-oriented green solutions are more important than ever, especially in the field of technology. Deltronics, a subsidiary of Delta Electronics Inc., is a perfect example of how to combine innovative technologies with the demands of a better tomorrow. The company, with headquarters in Taiwan, provides leading electronic products and solutions that are ahead of their time.


Partners for innovative power supplies

The lighting industry, the telecommunications industry and the electronics industry are among the users who benefit from the know-how, flexibility and competence of Semar srl from Castelfidardo, Italy, a company specialized in the design, production and distribution of power supplies, transformers and electromagnetic windings designed to customers’ specific requirements. Based on completely automated manufacturing facilities in Italy, Tunisia and China and quality certification according to ISO 9001, the Italian enterprise responds to customers’ need for flexibility and speedy supplies, cooperating in the development of innovative solutions in the process.


A viable solution

Alternative energy sources are in high demand, and energy harvesting is one of them. Thermoelectric energy harvesting harnesses temperature differences for generating power. The German company Micropelt GmbH is among the first to provide a viable solution, the world’s smallest thermogenerators designed for powering wireless sensor networks and micro actuators.


Perfect PCBA’s

Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA’s) are found in numerous applications, such as traffic control systems, security systems for tunnels, access control systems, and conveyor belts for luggage management systems and package delivery services. Life today would be unthinkable without them. The Dutch company Matas Electronics BV is an expert in PCBA’s. Based in Best, Matas covers five areas of PCBA production.


Out of this world

Few inventions have revolutionized the way we capture events like the camera. Whether a portrait sitting or candid situation, photographs encapsulate moments of time. Since the advent of the camera, visual records have circulated the world, moving people with images of weddings and wars, hatred and kindness, mystery and enlightenment. One of the key names in the field of cameras is Hasselblad. Victor Hasselblad AB, based in Gothenburg, Sweden, was responsible for the camera that NASA took to the moon as well as countless others since then and continues this tradition with new developments in store for 2014.


Core competences brought together

Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) are electronic devices that allow precise measuring and reporting of an object’s position in space. They are typically used for navigation purposes in aircraft and spacecraft. More recent uses include the production of IMU-enabled GPS devices which enable a GPS to work when GPS signals are unavailable, such as in tunnels or inside buildings. Epson Europe Electronics GmbH has been developing this highly promising market since 2012, bringing together its core competences in timing devices and semiconductors.


An innovative partner in naval defense systems

Since Russia annexed the Ukrainian part of Crimea, the bordering countries are checking their defensive readiness. This is also true for Finland. The country is about to carry out a major upgrade of several of its naval ships. One of the companies which will be involved in the upgrade is ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Finland Oy, based in Helsinki. The company is a young but competent and innovative provider of customized combat and mission management systems. Against the background of the present situation, CEO Jaakko Savisaari sees growth potential in the domestic market as well as abroad.


Finding a niche beyond the cockpit

Thommen Aircraft Equipment AG has a storied history and a close relationships with pilots and in fl ight instruments. Nevertheless, recent changes in aircraft technology mean the company has had to recognize limitations to its core products and develop a new export based strategy to take advantage of emerging markets and opportunities. Now, with a new CEO, a public rebranding and an emphasis on external accessories, Thommen Aircraft Equipment is repositioning itself for the future.


The perfect partner

To outsource or not to outsource electronics manufacturing is a question more and more OEMs are facing today. And if yes, how to find a suitable and reliable partner? Kitron ASA, headquartered in Norway, has long been a much sought-after partner when it comes to electronics manufacturing services. The company offers a lot more than customers expect. Scandinavia’s leading EMS company strives to deliver the best value and innovation.


A company powers up

The power supply industry is booming, and new opportunities are growing quickly. At the same time, established markets are stagnating. Experts agree that for this reason, the global market for power converters is set for energetic expansion in the coming years. One of the industry’s successful representatives is ETASYN GmbH. The company is based in Drebach in Saxony and emerged from the well-known player ARTESYN. For almost 30 years, the company has concentrated on the development and manufacturing of customized power supply solutions.


The future of 3D printing is here

Additive or 3D printing has revolutionized the manufacturing industry with its ability to create precision objects from a digital template. The potential applications of this miraculous technology are vast, but the upfront investment costs are not to be underestimated. DWS Systems srl has been active in the 3D print sector for more than 20 years, first as a distributor and later as a manufacturer. The company’s business model is unusual because it has been able to fund itself entirely through forward financing. This has allowed it a high degree of financial autonomy and the ability to choose the direction of its innovations.


Dedicated to your safety

Domestic security is becoming an ever more important issue in Europe. Due to the increasing number of terrorist attacks, there is a growing demand for security and control systems, in particular for special equipment such as unmarked surveillance vehicles. The latest incidents in France, Germany and Belgium just gave the market a new boost. ELETTRONICA GmbH, based in Meckenheim, Germany, is an experienced partner in system integration and electronic warfare. Originally rooted in the military sector, the company is now enhancing its activities in the civil sector. Last year, Managing Director Dr. Marcello Mariucci came on board, in order to implement the new strategy.


Sardinia’s power house

The Italian economy is finally growing again after a three year recession. In 2016, the gross domestic product is expected to increase by 1.2%. Against this backdrop, a company in Sardinia presents an unusual success story. SELT Srl in Cagliari, which specializes in the planning, building, assembly and maintenance of power lines and power stations, photovoltaic plants and telecommunication antennas, has continued to grow despite unfavourable economic circumstances.


Smarter sensors

Sensors are electronic devices that are used to detect and measure specific physical properties in a wide area of applications, ranging from vehicles and medical devices to intralogistics systems and industrial quality control. A declared expert in the sector is Leuze electronic GmbH + Co. KG. The ‘sensor people’ in southern Germany pride themselves on smarter sensor solutions that are simple to use, provide unrivalled added value and come with superior customer services – all over the world.


Lighting the path to success

No other lighting technology can hold a candle to LEDs for cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency and flexibility. That is why LED lighting is increasingly being used in a wide range of settings. SBF Spezialleuchten GmbH has been making lighting systems since 1862 and operates in a highly specialized niche. The German company develops and produces lighting systems for rail vehicles, using its experience and expertise to create intelligent ceiling, wall, floor and frontal lighting systems.


From Italy to Argentina

For 20 years, it had been part of a German group. At the end of the 1970s, it became independent. Since then, Kiepe Electric S.p.A. has developed into a leading supplier of electrical equipment for diverse applications, ranging from public transportation to fire safety and fall protection. With a firm base in Europe, the dynamic company is now looking towards Argentina as a new market.