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Interview with Mats Salomonsson, Business Development Director at Belid Lighting AB

From homes to hotels: Nordic designer sees the light

Simplicity and minimalism with maximum functionality: Consumers around the world have embraced Scandinavian design. Furniture, though, is just part of the story; creating the right ambiance with natural colours and complementary lighting is equally important. Swedish company Belid Lighting AB has been pleasing homeowners with its lighting solutions for over 50 years. Now, a change of strategy means that Belid is bringing its stunning designs to a far wider audience.


Get the look and feel at home

World-famous architect Zaha Hadid once said, “Architecture is really about well-being. I think that people want to feel good in a space.” In this regard, furniture plays an important role as it basically defines the soul of a home. When entering a well-designed room, it just feels right. One can sense the cohesiveness of everything coming together perfectly. Furniture made by Mobilificio Santa Lucia s.p.a. definitely helps you to feel at home – even when in a hotel.


Intelligent furniture: Office projects for the 21st century

Thanks to the digital revolution, working methods have never changed so dramatically and so quickly as during the first two decades of the 21st century. The working environment to support these changes is struggling to keep pace, but one Italian company has been combining office furniture and fittings with the latest technology for almost 70 years, and is therefore well placed to meet the needs of the digital age. Headquartered in Milan, Tecno S.p.A. is renowned worldwide for its stylish yet innovative interior architecture. The company works together with some of the most respected architects and designers to create attractive workspaces which also support the technological demands of today and tomorrow.


Well-advised facility furnishings

When companies outfit their offices, warehouses and other facilities, they have the option of choosing standardized products or customized solutions. But why go either/or? Why not select a supplier who can offer both? KAISER+KRAFT GmbH, based in the Austrian city of Salzburg, is just that: a provider of customized and standard solutions for company facilities. The producer and retailer serves customers in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia with the perfect furnishings. Since entering the online market, KAISER+KRAFT has ventured into the B2C sector instead of only B2B.


A golden art for a gilded age

There is a reason why the lobby of the Empire State Building shines like the sun. Its ceiling is covered in 24-karat gold and aluminium leaf. Founded in 1928, just two years before the completion of the Empire State Building, Nazionale Battitura Metalli SRL continues a tradition of gold beating that goes back 5,000 years.


Standing apart in office furnishings

The furnishings of a company define the working atmosphere in the office. How the space is divided, where staff sit and how they store their files in day-to-day business are crucial for employee morale. Faram 1957 S.p.A., based in Giavera del Montello, is a leader in office furniture sector. The Italian company also provides office partitions and exports 50% of its total production.


Fitted for exceptional design

Italian companies are known for their ability to create unparalleled designs. Brands such as Ferrari, Armani or Ducati have become internationally famous, setting the standard when it comes to new styles and trends in their different markets. In the area of designer taps and fittings for bathrooms, Rubinetterie 3M S.r.l., based in Asciano, Province of Sienna, Italy, is a master in the art of designing products that surprise the customers with their unique style. However, not only the exceptional design of Rubinetterie 3M’s products convinces the market, but also the excellent quality and good price are reasons for the success of the brand.

Interview with Florian Bausch, Marketing and Product Development Manager at Vorwerk & Co. Teppichwerke

A market that gives a homey feeling

The idea that carpeting is not suitable for people with allergies is a myth. Carpets are much more than boring flooring. Vorwerk & Co. Teppichwerke wants to clean up the preconceptions of the past and has created a completely new brand environment to do so. During an interview with European Business, Vice President Marketing and Product Development Florian Bausch explained the important role that digitalization plays in the process.


How to turn a wall into décor

Thanks to recent advances in the fields of design and printing, wallpaper is experiencing a much-anticipated resurgence in the world of interior decorating, due its versatility in application and aesthetic appeal. The Grandeco Wallfashion Group offers home owners and design professionals alike the chance to express themselves more vividly than ever before by integrating a wide-variety of patterns and rich textures seamlessly into any living space.


A winning partnership of design and marketing

The term ‘aluminium components’ conjures up a picture of pieces of metal that are, perhaps, not especially interesting and are produced by thousands of companies around the world. This is also the core product of Italian manufacturer Ossicolor srl; however its products are far from boring. Ossicolor’s founders, Matteo Cecchele and Luigi Masciocchi, possessed complementary talents in design, technology, production and marketing which, when combined, ensured that the company’s portfolio of aluminium components for kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture was anything but ordinary.