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Bread with soul

Focaccia, Ciabatta, Pane Toscana, Pane Carasau – Italy is not only famous for the most delicious pizza and pasta but also for a great variety of bread. Bread has a long tradition in the country and rarely is there a meal that does not include bread. Rome opened up a bakery school in the first century AD, and today Italians still have high standards for bread. Rossetto Srl in Mazzè perfectly represents the tradition of making high-quality bread and other Italian treats with soul.


A company flexing muscles

Well-balanced nutrition is essential – for everyone. When it comes to sports enthusiasts, things get a bit more challenging. A number of factors contribute to success in sports, and diet is a key component. Maintaining the right diet has many benefits to athletes in terms of performance, strength and recovery. Athletes who do not want to take any risks when it comes to nutrition rely on the healthy yet delicious products from Weider Germany GmbH in Hamburg.


Fast food, finest quality

Fast food does not have the best reputation, but in some cases this is completely undeserved. For some suppliers, quality is everything. Berlin-based kebab and fast-food producer Kap-Lan Dönerproduktion GmbH is one of those companies for whom quality and taste really matter. With a range of mouth-watering products, Kap-Lan’s food has been tempting the taste buds of German and international consumers for almost 30 years.


Fire up the burner – it’s time to cook with gas

Professional chefs swear by gas burners when preparing top quality, gourmet food. Easy to control and clean, the heat is direct and instant. The same benefits can also be enjoyed on domestic gas hobs, the design of which means they complement even the most contemporary kitchen design. Sourdillon in France specializes in the production of burners, safety valves, tubing and ignition systems for many of the biggest manufacturers of professional and domestic gas cooking appliances and sees its markets growing on the back of several innovative new products.


A master in microtechnology

The semiconductor industry is increasingly important. One key stage in the production of chips is testing the integrated circuits on the wafer, a process called wafer probing. ERS electronic GmbH was founded 50 years ago to develop thermal chucks, which hold the wafer in place while allowing for thermal testing. It was a revolutionary development at the time, and while this kind of testing is now relatively mainstream, the company is still the global market leader in thermal chucks. ERS electronic GmbH is headquartered in Germering, near Munich, and offers both standard and customized solutions.


Prepared for the seaways of today and tomorrow

Brexit: A word which generally strikes fear and frustration into the hearts of businesses across the European continent and for many companies in the UK too. Danish ferry services provider DFDS Seaways, however, which services numerous routes from mainland Europe and Scandinavia to the UK for passengers, cars and heavy goods vehicles, is prepared. In particular, its French subsidiary, DFDS Seaways SASU has the challenging theme of post-Brexit customs arrangements well under control.


How to perfect an ancient technology

It is a principle already used by the ancient Egyptians to build the pyramids: roller conveying. Since these early times, the highly effective and energy-efficient technology has been constantly refined. A trailblazer for innovative developments in this sector is the Japanese ITOH DENKI Corporation. Committed to ‘driving the future of intralogistics’, the company pioneered brushless DC 24V motors in rollers. The Group’s European head office is based in eastern France, not far from the Swiss border.

Job search and application: The right things to do after the job interview

The job interview is behind you, and you are waiting for a call from the company of your dreams. You should continue concerning yourself with the interview afterwards, though. With our tips, you can continue leaving a good impression and be easily remembered.

Reasons for job change: Things to bear in mind

You probably have good reasons for wanting to change job. However, it is not always a good idea to share these with a potential new employer. Nevertheless, an explanation is generally expected. Here, we tell you what to bear in mind when answering questions about why your previous employment contract ended or why you want it to end.

Networking: How do I maintain my good working relationships right?

You’ve built up a good network? Congratulations. Finding new contacts on a regularly and adding them to your network shouldn’t be the end of the story, though. Take care of the relationship on a regular basis beyond making the first contact. We’ve put together a few tips for you on how to do it.

Expert Knowledge Alan Willett

Create Your Grand Tour of the Decade

As you are well aware, the year 2020 is rapidly approaching. Instead of a New Year resolution, consider embarking on your own Grand Tour of the Decade. Remember that it is easy to over-estimate what we can do in a day. Conversely, it is easy to under-estimate what we can achieve in a decade. The following five tips will help you prepare your launch into a new decade.