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Finance & Real Estate


From small shop to factory

Is the demolition of the old factory necessary? Is renovation an alternative? And what about the total cost of the project? Urgent and complex questions like these are day-to-day business for BRICE ROBERT ARTHUR LOYD Rhône-Alpes, as the real estate agency is more than a mere estate agent. In France, and in Lyon in particular, the company offers a broad scope of services, including sales, consulting, leasing and investment, valuation, and logistics for commercial and industrial sites.


Mobility solutions from A to Z

Business Mobility is not what it used to be. As the mobility landscape is becoming more and more complex, companies require greater flexibility in their corporate fleets. Alphabet, a subsidiary of BMW Group, is well prepared for changing client demands. The Austrian branch recently launched innovative eMobility and corporate carsharing solution.


Always a good solution

Financial flexibility is an important asset for companies to stay ahead of the competition, as any shortage in financing can hinder corporate development. A leasing specialist like IKB Leasing Polska Sp. z o.o. helps to develop feasible financial scenarios as it offers leasing as a solution to boost a company’s scope of investments.


Growing business

Obtaining financing is often one of the major obstacles to growth for small and medium-sized companies. What they need is a locally based investor that understands both their needs and the challenges they face at a regional level while offering them the means to expand their horizons. This is precisely the support offered by iXO Private Equity, which is based in Toulouse in southwestern France and specializes in investing in companies based in the region.


The new urban landscape

A company’s premises have a lot to say about the company itself. Offices act as calling cards, conveying the visitor an important first impression. The bigger and more prestigious the company, the more impressive the office – or so the logic goes. For companies looking for the perfect calling card to convey a good first impression, their first port of call should be CA Immo group. Headquartered in Vienna, the asset and property management expert specializes in office rental properties in the major cities of Central Europe. In Hungary it is represented by CA Immo Real Estate Management Hungary Kft.


A site worth banking on

Nowadays basically anything can be done online. Books, furniture, even groceries can be purchased on the Internet, and online banking has long become commonplace. Even stocks can be bought and sold on the web with ease, as proven by Keytrade Bank sa, based in Brussels.


A global team for risk solutions

Football enthusiasts across the globe are very familiar with the Aon brand. The UK-based firm is the principal partner of the renowned football team of Manchester United, clearly visible by the AON brand on the shirts. Sponsoring a worldwide renowned successful team makes sense for the worldwide leading risk advisor and human resources consultant and its subsidiary Aon Central and Eastern Europe a.s.


Customer-oriented investments

Putting money aside for a rainy day is not always easy in the current economic climate, so it pays to work with a specialist in financial investments who can offer the widest possible overview of the available options. One of the leading providers of financial and legal services in Poland is DSA Financial Group S.A. Founded in 1999, the company now has more than 800,000 customers entrusting it with their financial affairs.


Make a difference

Having the right insurance company at your side gives you more than just a good night’s sleep. The majority of people try to collect their insurance policies into one or two companies. One of the leading insurance companies in Scandinavia is Tryg Forsikring. The number one in Denmark is well-known for its high-quality products and services that create value for customers.


Simple, quick and convenient

The Hungarian banking sector is characterized by balance sheet adjustment of banks. This provides an ideal opportunity for smaller lenders like Gránit Bank Zrt. The commercial bank was created four years ago to make a difference in Hungary’s struggling banking industry – based on the belief that banking can be simple, quick and convenient.


Full-service in the banking sector

Swiss banks are famous all around the world. In 2011, banks represented 59.4% of the total value added of the Swiss financial sector, totaling 35 billion CHF and representing 6.2% of the country’s GDP. A strong partner of the Swiss banking sector is found in InCore Bank AG from Zurich. The company acts as a transaction bank and offers a complete banking service portfolio for private and asset management banks.


Minimize risks – Improve efficiency

Since the emergence of the financial crisis in 2009, the overall awareness for risk management has changed profoundly. Today, the market requires more risk management services and increased risk management measures to navigate financial institutions and companies alike through troubled waters. More specifically, financial institutions across Europe are seeking competent partners with demonstrated expertise and a proven track record of successful risk-related assignments. Finalyse is the right address to turn to when looking for support in all kinds of implementation services.


Properties on a good ground

There are numerous ways to invest one’s money for the future. Some people prefer stocks and bonds. Others would rather purchase precious metals. One of the top ways to secure a future, however, is with property. Whether it is a house of one’s own to live in after retirement or a building that is rented out as a source of extra income, real estate is growing in popularity as a safe investment. Warteck Invest AG, based in Basel, Switzerland, understands this concept. The real estate company offers options for investors as well as homes and offices for tenants to serve the entire property sector.


A calculated risk

Investing money should not be confused with gambling. It is not about throwing some money on a random number, hoping against all odds that the ball will end up in the right field. It is about carefully analyzing opportunities, assessing risks and possible gains before making a thoughtful decision. How good an investment firm is at its job can be seen by its track record. The Degroof Fund Management Company has a knack for setting up the correct investment strategy. The Belgian firm is known for working systematically and yielding good results.


Shaping the global payment solutions market

Even if the relationships between consumers and merchants have change radicallyd, payment remains the universal and decisive element of the purchasing act. Ingenico’s base in the Czech and Slovakian markets, Ingenico CZ s.r.o. in Prague, provides a full range of payment solutions and services to banks, retailers and other clients.


Investing in infrastructure

Against the backdrop of ever-increasing data sizes and weakening physical communications infrastructure such as cables, communication towers and data centers, the need to modernize communications infrastructure is more urgent than ever. However, many communications companies are not in a position to take on the costs. And this is where CIF (Communication Infrastructure Fund) comes in. As a leading investment fund in the Netherlands, CIF concentrates on communications infrastructure and invests in its upgrading and renovation.


Swedish real estate experts

After a decline from 2011 to 2012, the Swedish housing market is currently recovering fast and presents development contrary to the economic situation. A company that is closely involved in these changes is Diös Fastigheter AB from Östersund in Sweden. The real estate company specializes in the northern Swedish housing market and offers its corporate and private clients offices, retail stores, apartments and industrial facilities in several major cities in Sweden.


On the ground and in the air

Aviation is a global growth market. According to Research and Markets, the world’s leading source for international market research reports and market data, it is forecast to grow by an annual average of 3.7% until 2020. Increasing demand from emerging economies, continuous demand for new low-cost carriers, deregulation and a rising middle class are factors driving growth, particularly in markets such as Asia and the Middle East. This is good news not only for airlines, airports and aircraft manufacturers. It is also spurring business for specialized insurers such as La Réunion Aérienne. The consortium of three leading insurance groups provides insurance coverage tailored to the needs of the aviation and aerospace industry, covering everything from the building of new planes to their safe operation on the ground and in the air.


A perfect location in Prague

As world currencies grow unstable, and the economies of whole countries are at risk of collapse, real estate is becoming more interesting for investment. For individuals who would like a share in a larger building, there are investment companies that take care of the finances and administration. SachsenFonds from Munich, Germany, is one such company. Together with Aviva Investors Central Europe and Jones Lang LaSalle London, SachsenFonds owns and operates OASIS Florenc Property Holding in Prague to provide businesses and retailers space in a perfect location.

Interview with Dr. Alexander Koblischek

Recognizing potential

The famous Seagram Building by Mies van der Rohe, the Lever House by Skidmore, Ownings & Merrill in New York, the Alsterakaden in Hamburg and the Eurotower in Frankfurt are prestigious properties and internationally famous architectural icons. They are part of a world-class portfolio of commercial and residential real estate built by the RFR Group, which was founded in 1991 in New York by the German natives Aby Rosen and Michael Fuchs. RFR Holding GmbH based in Frankfurt/Main is responsible for the property and asset management of the estates in Germany. Managing Director Dr. Alexander Koblischek talks about RFR’s recipe for success and the special business strategy of the world’s leading real estate investment, development and management company.