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Industrial Supplies


Filling forerunner

Dosing and filling chemicals, lubricants, solvents and other viscous, hazardous or volatile products require special technological know-how and individually adapted solutions – such as those offered by PACK’R. The privately owned French filling specialist has demanding customers across the globe and is constantly developing new, better high-precision filling equipment.


A partner in mouldings

The injection moulding industry has expanded greatly over the past several years. Innovations in the industry are resulting in higher-quality final products as well as more efficient production processes. Kellpla has contributed tremendously to this market with its high-tech innovations and creative designs. The group’s passion for success is shown in its product selection, customized processes and care for its customers.


From distributor to market leader

Polypropylene (PP) is characterized by high mechanical strength, excellent chemical resistance and – in comparison to polyethylene (PE) – superior heat resistance. This makes it the perfect material for piping systems that are subject to high pressure and temperature stress. A leader in this sophisticated market is aquatechnik group s.p.a. The Italian company started off as a distributor for the products of a company from Germany and is now a major manufacturer of quality pipes and fittings with its own research and development and customers across Europe as well as in China, North America and the Middle East.


Key part of the value chain

Packaging, assembly and testing are essential constituents of the value chain in the semiconductor industry. A global leader in this sophisticated market is Amkor. With its services, the US-based corporation allows its customers – the world’s largest semiconductor firms and electronics OEMs – to concentrate on their core competences: semiconductor and silicon design. The European sales and technical support teams are located in France and Germany, and provide support to customers across the continent.


Connecting safety and efficiency

Over the years, rail travel has become the mode of transport of choice for many people, and today there are more trains, carrying more passengers, at faster speeds than ever before. This evolution has created the need for an increased focus on safety, innovative materials and efficient working methods. Vapé Rail International is a key player in the business, ensuring that materials and products keep pace with the increasing demands of the railway industry and the general public.


Complete refractory solutions

Where there is high heat, there is refractory material. Refractory materials must be chemically and physically stable at high temperatures. Without refractories, furnaces, kilns, incinerators and reactors could not run. Since these materials play such an important role in so many industries and applications, it is important that they are made right. Borgestad Fabrikker AS, part of Borgestad Industries, is the industrial arm of the family and is dedicated to providing its customers with comprehensive refractory coverage and greater productivity.


For welds that last

There are few companies worldwide that can rival Welding Alloys for its experience and expertise in welding consumables, welding equipment and wear protection solutions. Founded in England in 1966, the company established its first foreign subsidiary in France in 1973. Today, Welding Alloys Group operates three production plants in Europe and serves customers around the globe. The company is a leading global specialist for low and high alloyed core wires and automated welding equipment for surfacing and joining applications.


Passion and know-how

With the European market tightening and REACH guidelines posing challenging tasks to producers of stabilizers and additives, survival in the industry is not easy. Italian Reagens SpA, based in San Giorgio di Piano, is not only highly skilled but also passionate about its products. These qualities have led the company to strive and become one of the market leaders in its field worldwide.


Driven by passion

Italy is famous for many things – food, fashion and fast cars, for instance. The fastest racing cars and yachts around the world are equipped with high-performance engines made in Italy. One of the companies representing this traditional Italian market is Selva S.p.A. – a leader in the marine market in Europe.