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Connecting with people’s lives

Tiger is one of the fastest-evolving retail chains in Europe. What started with a single shop in Copenhagen in 1995 now comprises more than 540 stores in 27 European countries, Japan and the USA. Offering an unusual, colourful assortment of Scandinavian-style products at amazingly competitive prices, the successful Danish design store brand is owned by Zebra A/S. Brand Director Tina Schwarz talked to EUROPEAN business about Tiger’s continued international expansion, the company’s design-led, mission-driven strategy and its ability to connect with people’s lives.


A sound to harp on about

Whether you associate them with Ireland, angels or dream sequences on sitcoms, harps have a long and varied history. They have been used as musical instruments for more than 5,000 years, and no single continent or nation can lay claim to the harp’s origination. For an instrument so widely known and familiar in sound, there are few producers of harps in the world – five, to be exact. Among them is Les Harpes Camac in Mouzeil, France.


Fireproof and self-made

What if you develop a quality product and cannot find a suitable manufacturer for it? You can either abandon your plans or start your own production. VD-INDUSTRY decided to go for the latter. The former engineering firm for fire-resistant glazed closures now produces its own, certified fireproof doors, windows and walls and has safetyconscious customers all over Europe.