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The Often Missed Team Building Activity – An Organizational Growth Strategy: Part 4

In part 4 you will learn how to build new teams with new hires. I’ve written out the benefits, drawbacks, and some tips on what you can do to reduce the downsides for each approach. Because there’s no organizational growth strategy that only comes with upsides, the key, as with most things, is determining which downsides you’re able to work with.


How to set up a new market

All kinds of products are available in the second-hand market: books, clothing, cars… Yet there are individual segments where buying second hand is still not very common, such as luxury watches. Watchmaster ICP GmbH has set out to change this and blazed the trail for Europe’s largest online marketplace for pre-owned watches. The venture capital-backed company is developing a fast-evolving global market, which benefits both sellers and buyers, and runs the largest watchmaker’s workshop in the German capital.

Letter of recommendation: templates and structure

The saying goes that “Puff is part of the trade,” which can also be applied to letters of recommendation. The well-known saying “toot your own horn” also falls into this category. If you don’t want to hide your light under a bushel, you will do yourself a favour when looking for a new job or other activity more and more with a letter of recommendation.

Switch off

Don’t allow yourself to become stressed. Stay calm and make a point of switching off. There are enough external stress factors; you don’t need to create even more stress for yourself. Plan a cosy DVD evening with friends or family, and maybe bake cookies to enjoy together. Anyone who wants to avoid Christmas stress completely should think about planning a holiday or at least a short trip over the Christmas period; that way, you wouldn’t have to feed and entertain guests, allowing you to totally switch off.

The Christmas meal

You don’t have to roast a goose for the Christmas table. Less demanding dishes taste just as good and are far less stressful to prepare. How about a finger-food buffet, raclette or a simple casserole? For dessert, a tasty fruit salad or ice cream will more than fit the bill.

Get creative

If you are short of Christmas decorations, don’t spending your weekends shopping in stressful and overcrowded cities. Get creative and make your own decorations. From materials gathered in the woods, you can produce a work of art. Pine cones, branches and red berries are easy to find. You will also be doing something for your health. Online - for example on Pinterest - you will find many tips for homemade Christmas decorations.

Give fewer gifts

The search for the perfect Christmas gift can turn into a real test of patience. For your children, grandchildren or godchildren, it is usually relatively easy because they normally write a wish-list. Be careful though, not to shower your children with expensive presents. If you do, they will just expect more every year. In general, try to give fewer gifts; buy only for your close family, and avoid giving presents to friends and colleagues. You will immediately notice a reduction in your stress levels.

Cosy evenings at home

Spend a cosy evening at home with friends and simply enjoy the time together. Meeting up doesn’t have to mean a visit to the Christmas market. On Advent-Saturdays in particular, they are extremely crowded and you can barely move; conversation is impossible. Instead, together with friends, prepare a tasty evening meal and make mulled wine and hot chocolate. It is, without a doubt, cheaper and more relaxed than a visit to the Christmas market.

Buy presents early

Even if you decide to give fewer gifts, a thoughtful token is always appreciated. Immediately after Christmas, many articles - particularly Christmas-themed goods - are heavily reduced and you can pick up some real bargains. Snap them up! During the year - during spring and summer sales, for example - you can find some great ideas for presents at reasonable prices. Buy your gifts early and reduce your stress in December.

Set priorities

Decide what’s important to you. You don’t have to say yes to every festive invitation you receive. Prioritize them and decide for yourself which ones you want to accept.

Networking: How does online networking work?

After learning how networks can advance your career and how to find new contacts to add to your network, we will now show you how to succeed at online networking.

Job search and application: How do I write a job application?

Have you found a job vacancy that interests you and that matches your skills and qualifications? If you have already prepared your application in advance you can get going straight away. In the third part of our series on finding and applying for a job we tell you how to write an effective job application.